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Single People: Have a Hopeful Valentine’s Day

For the first time in my life, I have a Valentine. Oh what a Valentine. He makes me laugh. We seem to be on the same wavelength or page about everything. I am head over heels in love with him. It’s nothing short of a miracle. This time last year, I was lonely, bitter, and pretty much convinced that I’d… Read more » Studies Singles in America

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What does it mean to be single in America? put together a study with some interesting results. They selected their survey sample based on the US census with a representative sample of ethnicity, gender, geography, age, etc. Dr. Helen Fisher presented their findings to some single/dating bloggers in New York City this past Saturday. Here are a few things… Read more »

Oddly enough, the world hasn’t ended.

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A big change is about to happen in my life. Not tomorrow, but soon…at least in a few months. My bosses think it’s too soon. I think it’s an eternity. What is it? I’m going to be moving to Minnesota with Paul, so if you know anyone who is hiring, let me know. I know. It’s a big deal. I… Read more »

Manti Te’o Online Dating Gone Awry?

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Here’s the one thing I’m sure of in this Manti Te’o situation.  Someone is lying.  Who, I’m not exactly sure.  Let’s examine what the media has finally decided to uncover. Here are a few articles to read.  Feel free to Google more for yourself, but beware it’s a rabbit hole: This is the one that broke the story yesterday by… Read more »

Gimme a bottle of anything

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It’s common knowledge that I love wine.  People always ask me if I prefer red or white?  Yes. I like both equally.  This weekend some friends are hosting their annual holiday wine tasting party.  Everyone brings a bottle of wine and blind tasting ensues.  Everyone picks their favorite and a winner is chosen. I’d say about 25 people are coming…. Read more »

Random Thoughts on Thanksgiving Traditions

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I love Thanksgiving. Its my second favorite holiday. It only loses to Christmas because Christmas (or Saturnalia) is a whole season while Thanksgiving is only a day and I love a reason to celebrate. But the scent of roast turkey is my favorite.  Someone should make a candle in that flavor. Every year since my parents moved to Sacramento, I… Read more »

Face Your Fears Wednesday: A Doctor Visit

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Women’s health is a big issue these days, but I hate going to the doctor. It’s a good thing I’m healthy. I know. I know. Regardless if it’s my gynecologist or primary care, my germophobia gets triggered. But, when I go to the gyno, it takes an emotional toll on me as an added fear bonus. I don’t like getting… Read more »