Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas, I’m not the most creative. Sometimes I just need a little bit of Halloween to get into the spirit. These t-shirt costumes do just that for me and they have capes!

No capes!

They even have The Incredibles t-shirt costumes without capes, of course.

Personally, I think a little Halloween spirit is better than none at all. Get a cool t-shirt and an accessory or two and there you go! It might even be subtle enough to wear to the office. Don’t quote me on that and then come back here complaining that you go fired.

I know what you're thinking. But will it fit me? The HalloweenCostumes.com website has a Fit Finder for most of its costumes. Honestly, that's one of my biggest impediments to buying clothes online. You can't try them on before you buy, so you don't know if they will fit.

The Fit Finder is easy to use. You choose your gender then put in your measurements. You don't have to grab a friend and break out the measuring tape either. These are numbers you will know. If you don’t know them, you are probably lying to yourself or drunk.

Don’t buy things on the Internet if you are drunk, please. How do you think I ended up with half of the music on my iPhone? Yikes. OK, I'm kidding, but still, don't buy drunk.

I may be going to a Halloween party this year and I honestly have no idea what costume I want to wear.

So, what are your Halloween costume ideas? It's almost October! Time to start thinking about it.

A look back: 10 years of blogging

10YearsOfBloggingHow long have you been blogging? Whenever I answer this question about 70% of the people are a little shocked when I say I started in 2004. Most bloggers seem to be closer to the one to two year range.

Way back in 2004 the internet was a different place. At home, I still had a dial up internet connection and an AOL account. I miss the sound of a modem connecting…so comforting! I didn’t text. I just talked to people on the phone. Yes, that’s how weird life was back then.

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What does it do? Explainer videos to the rescue! #ad

“What does your company do? When I worked in commercial real estate, it never ceased to amaze me that people didn’t know what the industry entailed. They had a vague notion, but never really seemed to get it. An explainer video would have helped immensely.

What is an explainer video? I’m so glad you asked. Here is an example of one:

Animated explainer videos are fun, quick to digest and easy-to-interpret. If you are a small business, independent consultant, independent contractor (like many commercial real estate agents are), or even an entrepreneur, an animated video on your website can help sell products, educate consumers, or even generate conversation.

How It Works Media specializes in creating these kinds of videos. Through the month of September, they are offering a Special Rate for Startups: $4000 for a 90 second explainer video. Offer valid throughout the month of September 2014.

Do you need one? Well, having a video on your website does help SEO. Plus, an explainer video is a great way to easily explain to potential customers not only what your company does, but how they can benefit from being a customer of  yours.

Maybe your industry doesn’t really do cartoons, well, How It Works Media does have different styles that can be appropriate for just about anyone.  Here’s another example of what How It Works Media can do:

What you really need to consider is not the cost, but the return on investment for an explainer video.  How many potential customers do you miss because they don’t really understand how your company can benefit them? How much more revenue could be streaming into your bank account if only there were a way to get your website to rank higher in search results.

Plus, what about social sharing?  How many videos have you seen on Facebook or Twitter? A well made explainer video has a good chance of being picked up by other sites.

Still not sure if an explainer video is right for you?

HowItWorks-1So, the conversion rate for explainer videos is pretty high. Let’s be honest. If you are in sales, cold calling kind of stinks.  Getting sales leads from your website is more like a warm call. You know the person is already interested in your product or service, all you have to do is figure out how to close the deal.

Please visit How It Works Media for more information on the Special Rate available during the month of September 2014.

This post was sponsored by How It Works Media.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Groups of Fun!

Halloween Costume Ideas: Group Fun!It will be here before you know it. What Halloween costume ideas do you have? If you’re like me, none. However, a good idea is to get a group of friends together and get a theme going. Of course, you have to have friends first, but that’s a whole different post. Worse comes to worst, you can always coerce convince your family into a group theme idea, right?

At HalloweenCostumes.com, they have a handy group costume selector. It lets you choose the number of people in your group as well as the theme. It will even add up how much it will cost for all of the costumes.

So you can dial through the various themes, then spin the selector to find different costumes that will match the theme, but so you all won’t end up dressed up as the Flash when you decided on the Super Hero theme.

Personally, I enjoy the crayon theme. You could have someone as a box or you could all just choose different colors and collectively be a box of crayons! Fun for the whole family however you define that term.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Think outside the usual

Instead of the usual groups, you can make your own group by choosing a decade as a theme or even a game. I saw a Rock, Paper, Scissors group costume. Just add a lizard costume and a Spock costume and you'll have a totally awesome group costume that only the cool kids will get.

Why not go as a meal? There are vegetable and fruit costumes as well as bacon, eggs, and a zombie hot dog. OK, zombie food is a bit odd, but definitely unique. How does a banana turn into a zombie anyway? And what do they eat? Other bananas or human brains? Clearly, I'm over thinking this costume. I think I'd rather be the Rasta Banana than the zombie banana. Seems like Rasta Banana would be more fun, right?

Up to $15 off!
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Back to school time…again…

Back to school time!The best thing about being an adult? Not having to go to back to school. Homework was just the worst. I would have hated going to classes more, but I did enjoy some of the social aspects of school.  Don’t get me wrong. I was not popular. I was a nerd and still am a nerd. I never wanted to be popular. Mostly because those whom I perceived as popular were, well, stupid and vain. Granted, I was pre-judging them as all teens do, but I also didn’t have the stress of trying to fit in because I wanted nothing to do with anyone knowing who I was. Sadly, I was more stressed about trying to find a boyfriend. My excuse was the hormones. Puberty pretty much ruined my life until about the age of 35.

But, back to school, I was never excited about it. I don’t have kids yet, so I don’t have to get ready for anything.  If I did, I surely wouldn’t be freaking out about trying to find free range bread for my kids’ sandwiches. Honestly, I don’t think most moms do that. If they do, I kind of feel bad for them. Just do what makes you happy. Don’t freak out about it. It is what it is.

There was a point in my life when I could recite every class I had, in order, from the first semester of seventh grade to the final semester of my senior year.  I think college might have fried that right out of my brain.  That or I just have so many damn passwords floating around in there that they nudged out the trivial crap that doesn’t matter.

Back to school didn’t mean cooler temperatures in California.  It wouldn’t cool off until about mid-October, if we were lucky. I remember some sweaty Halloweens. I guess that’s better than a snowy Halloween.

Either way, the traffic will be hell for the next few weeks. I could never understand how back to school time equates to more people on the roads. I don’t drive by any schools. I don’t get what everyone was doing for the past three months. Plus, don’t schools get out at like 3:00 PM? Why is traffic crappy at 5:00?

Earthquakes: Still better than crappy weather

RealWeather-NonChronI was born and raised in California. I’ve lived through my fair share of earthquakes both large and small…mostly small. Still, after living in the Midwest for almost a year and a half, I prefer to take my chances with an earthquake rather than a blizzard or thunderstorm. Why? Because in the scheme of things big, disruptive earthquakes are a rarity.

Note: Earthquakes DO NOT HAVE SEASONS

Sure this list of earthquakes on the Sacramento Bee’s website looks frighteningly long, but most of those quakes no one even remembers. A 3.0 quake is not historic. It’s a tiny earth fart. An earthquake off the coast is almost like it didn’t happen.

Dumb lists aside, a decent size quake only happens once every 25 to 50 years or so in an area that causes fatalities or even a decent amount of damage. By damage I don’t mean bottles knocked to the ground off shelves, I mean structural integrity of roads and bridges compromised.

In fact, with the advent of stricter building codes, advances in engineering methods, and better preparedness, an earthquake under 6.0 is really not a big deal.

Most of the preparedness is common sense. Don’t hang anything over your bed. Don’t hang anything over where you might be sitting or laying down. Have fresh batteries in your home in case the power goes out. Make sure bookcases are either secured to the wall or if they fall over aren’t going to smash you. Some people will even install baby locks on upper cabinets not because they have little ones, but because they know the doors will stay closed when the shaking starts. I’ve even seen special shelf liner that is supposed to help keep glassware from being knocked over.

Growing up, any time there was a minor earthquake, the local media would remind everyone what to do in case a big one hit. I used to think it was dumb to constantly remind everyone how to be safe whenever a 3.0 shook some random town in the middle of the coastal range, but after reading my Facebook feed this morning after the Napa quake, I now understand why they do it.

Many people move to California and don’t know what to do in the event of an earthquake. They didn’t grow up with the knowledge pounded into their brains like I did. I take this knowledge for granted, but I’m glad that I know it. Why? Because of this knowledge, earthquakes don’t scare me as much as having to drive on icy roads with a bunch of idiots. That happens every freaking year for months at a time!