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No parking, baby. No parking in the Friend Zone.

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I will never understand people who do this to other people. I know women do it to men. I don’t know why. I’ve heard tales of men doing it to women. Again, it’s baffling. Is it just that they aren’t grown up enough to pick one of those boxes on the “Will You Date Me” checklist? There is no maybe…. Read more »

What is your dating default?

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My roommate and I were talking after many glasses of wine, which is when all brilliant ideas form, and we decided that there should be a default setting for dating. There used to be. One person would date one other person at one time. No. I don’t want there to be dating rules. Fuck rules. It’s more like standards. They… Read more »

A Year in the Life of Me

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This time last year things began to change for me…all for the better. At times it didn’t feel like it. First I got a new job. That was awesome. I still love it, but it will always just be a job. Then I got kicked out of my house. That sounds like I did something to deserve eviction. I didn’t…. Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: Twitterpated

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I cannot believe twitterpated is a real world, but my roommate assures me it is…and that it predates 2007. Regardless, it probably best describes my feelings and couldn’t be more poetic for my current situation. Apparently, it’s true that good things come to those who wait and I’ve been waiting a hell of a long time for something this wonderful… Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: Swoon!

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When was the last time you swooned? For me it was last night, but I really was swooning last week. The fact that the possibility of a future with me was even mentioned makes me unbearably happy. I know. I shouldn’t read into it. Then Friday night I had a quasi-Bridget Jones moment. My initial reaction to both of these… Read more »

20 Year High School Reunion: Part 1 – Pregaming

I cannot believe this weekend has arrived. I’m back in my hometown for my 20 year high school reunion. The thing is that it’s not like I haven’t been back in decades. I still have family here, whom I see about once a year. It’s the idea of seeing people with whom I went to high school that is wigging… Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: Fear is the mind killer

Unless you are some self-actualized monk, everyone has streaks of jealousy. I try to keep mine under control. Sure, I get pissed off, but mostly at myself. It’s just fear. My ego goes nuts and starts firing up my imagination. “Why hasn’t he texted me? Should I text him? Why am I getting less attention? He probably has a girlfriend… Read more »