Back to the blogging life?

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Back to BloggingFirst of all, I don’t like the way this freaking WordPress editor layout changed. I have no idea why software companies keep screwing things up on stuff that worked just fine. Plus I had to jump through like 20 hoops just to get the damn thing to update. I only updated it because I was afraid someone would do something nefarious to my blog. Someone probably already did something nefarious to my blog while I was on a break for the last two years or whatever.

I kept thinking about coming back, but there was just too much shit going on. The world is a total nightmare. The idiots I forgot about when I fell in love with my husband have tried to destroy us all. Not to mention having panic attacks every time it snowed.

I have thoroughly abandoned Facebook. Yes, my last entry was about abandoning it, but I have removed the shortcut on my web browser last week. I refuse to look at it ever again. The aforementioned idiots drove me from the site. No, it wasn’t the nefarious ways of the corporation running the site. It was a person posting racist crap on my wall. Someone I actually know in real life and will do everything I can to ever avoid running into them again.

Yes, I know. This post isn’t very SEO friendly. I don’t care. I’m not writing for robots. I’m writing to get the stress in my brain out. Robots can go find some other humans to bother and work around those Three Laws they love so much.

Gah! Where did my categories go! Did I uninstall something and not realize it?

Also, I like to put in those “Read more…” short cuts so people don’t have to read a whole post that doesn’t interest them. I guess y’all are just going to have to scroll for your supper or whatever.

I guess I could blame the Mercury Retrograde, but it’s probably my fault for not keeping up with the site. I’ll probably just have to go in and find a new template and get back some of the things I used to like about my blog.

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