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>Random thoughts on dating

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> No matter how many times I do it, I’m always nervous on a first date. I might not be agitated before a rendez-vous anymore, but during I’m almost always freaking out…a little bit. I really shouldn’t be shaky because who cares anyway? Part of the problem is that I don’t trust men…at all. Sorry, but every last guy I’ve… Read more »

>I’ve got what you want…let’s go shopping!

> Swag Bags! I’m not ashamed to admit that one of the great things about the BlogHer conference was the swag. I was ready, willing and able to take whatever the various exhibitors wanted to give me. I was also ready, willing and able to blog and/or tweet about it. Of course, much like a job interview, when I went… Read more »

>Online Dating: Too much or not enough

>You would think doing a search on an online dating profile in Sacramento would be a simple thing. But, it seems that the people behind are more tricky in their math than I first suspected. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I just have to adjust my thinking when it comes to profile search results. Sometimes I switch between… Read more »

>Love, what is it good for?

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> This morning I was watching Jane Fonda on Good Morning America. I’m not a huge fan of hers. I barely know her controversial political stance from the Vietnam era. I never watched her workout video tapes from the Reagan era. Regardless, as I was sipping my coffee and nursing my seemingly omnipresent hangover, I heard her say something interesting…. Read more »

>Staycation all I ever wanted…

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> Staycation have to get away… Wait…that’s not right. By now, most of us have hear that term. But, what the hell is it? I’ve heard some people use it as a synonym for day trips. That doesn’t really seem to be correct to me. My definition of a staycation? You stay at home or at least in your own… Read more »