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Christmas Tradition: Dinner with the gals

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One of the things my sister, mom, and I have done since I moved to Sacramento is go out to dinner, just the three of us, some time just before Christmas.  We usually go somewhere nice like Ruth’s Chris or in last night’s case Bandera.  It’s a great bonding time.  We have fancy drinks and splurge on a good meal…. Read more »

Top 5 things I love about Christmas

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What makes this Yuletide time of year so special? Below are the five things I enjoy…in no particular order. 1) Christmas specials – While I’m not a big fan of Frosty or The Grinch, I do enjoy a Charlie Brown Christmas.  One of the more obscure holiday TV specials I enjoy is the Claymation Christmas special.  It came out back… Read more »

Random Thoughts on Christmas Eve

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Ah, Christmas Eve. My favorite night of the year. Christmas Day is nice, but I’ve always felt that Christmas Eve is more festive. Maybe it’s the anticipation of opening gifts the next day or maybe it’s Santa and his reindeer sprinkling cheer in the air. Christmas Day is the end of it all, while Christmas Eve still leaves one more… Read more »

Top 10 Christmas Songs

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While I am currently filled with the holiday spirit, I do not listen to Christmas music on a non-stop loop.  I only listen to it when doing holiday oriented activities like wrapping gifts or baking cookies.  Sometimes when my family sits down to play cards, we will have it on in the background.  OK, I admit to listing to a… Read more »

Apocalypse now?

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The other day someone said, “I think the world was supposed to have ended at least 4 times in my life.”  I think that might be about right. The thing is that no one ever gets the math correct.  Someone always forgets to carry a one or puts a decimal point in the wrong spot.  Oopsies. Paul said that he’s… Read more »

Random Thoughts on the 12 Days of Christmas

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Have you ever really paid attention to that song?  It has a ton of birds in it.  I did the math and if you count getting each get on each day, not just one new gift a day, that’s 184 birds. I guess that begs the question, does the true love give just one new gift each day or is… Read more »

Holiday Fever, Do you have it?

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Is it just me or is anyone else having a tough time concentrating? I go into the office and I just want to listen to Christmas music, eat cookies and shop for presents. All of my Christmas shopping is done and I have work to do! What is wrong with me? I’ve got visions of sugar plums dancing in my… Read more »