Random Thoughts on Thanksgiving Traditions

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I love Thanksgiving. Its my second favorite holiday. It only loses to Christmas because Christmas (or Saturnalia) is a whole season while Thanksgiving is only a day and I love a reason to celebrate. But the scent of roast turkey is my favorite.  Someone should make a candle in that flavor.

Every year since my parents moved to Sacramento, I watch the mass of people the size of a medium size town walk through East Sacramento. Last year, it was pouring down rain. I hope this year that it’s just cold.  I’m trying not to be annoyed with the invasion of fun runners.  I’m trying to just marvel at it instead.

After watching the runners (well, mostly they are walking), I always try to watch the Macy’s Parade, but it always lets me down. It’s more Broadway skits and random network stars than actual parade.  I want to see floats and bands, not some B list celebrity singing off key.  Also, the balloons!  I love the balloons and will forever remember the Seinfeld episode when one got away.

When I was a kid, my mom would host Thanksgiving. Anywhere from 13 to 20 family members would be in attendance. Well, not all of them were family. Sometimes my cousins would invite their boyfriends. This annoyed my mom to no end. Some random who we wouldn’t see next year would show up when his family was across town celebrating without him. Needless to say there is a rule in my immediate family that boyfriends are not invited to holidays unless they are “orphaned,” which means they are too far from their family to spend the holidays with them. This was never an issue for me as I never had a boyfriend around the holidays until now. It’s not an issue now because Paul is 1,500 miles away and we’ll be spending a different holiday together anyway. (Squeeee!) Sorry.

You know what makes the holidays more bearable? Booze. Lots and lots of booze.  That drink pictured above is a Mayflower Martini.  It’s missing its cranberry garnish.  If you make it, go easy on the sweet vermouth.

What’s really blowing my mind? The fact that next Friday my parents will have their Christmas Tree up. It seems like only yesterday it was Labor Day.

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  1. susan

    as someone who gets up even earlier than she gets up for work to help all those people who are running in the largest local food bank’s largest annual fundraising event register, I hope it isn’t raining…….or cold!


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