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Is that a Jeroboam or a Double Magnum?

It’s common knowledge that I love wine.  People always ask me if I prefer red or white?  Yes. I like both equally.  This weekend some friends are hosting their annual holiday wine tasting party.  Everyone brings a bottle of wine and blind tasting ensues.  Everyone picks their favorite and a winner is chosen.

I’d say about 25 people are coming. It’s only 13 bottles of wine or so because you know, couples cop out and only bring one, whereas those of us who are arriving solo have to bring one.  Maybe this year I should bring a split…that’s half a bottle of wine according to this wine chart. Did you know that there were different sizes of wine bottles? Personally, I’d like to see a Nebuchadnezzar, mostly because it’s fun to say Nebuchadnezzar, not because I’d like to see what 20 bottles of wine looks like in one giant bottle.  Plus it reminds me of a Charlie Brown Christmas.

At Thanksgiving we had a Double Magnum, seen pictured above.  It was actually pretty good wine.  Of course, after a couple of glasses, it’s a little difficult to tell what’s actually good and what’s not.

That brings me back to the wine party.  So, the blind tasting happens because all the wines are put in brown paper bags and numbered, not because everyone has had so much to drink that they can’t see straight.

It’s actually kind of fun.  There is always someone who brings a white wine.  Bad idea.  Never bring anything but red wine to a wine tasting party.  Almost no one will like it, even those who like white wine will scrunch up their nose at it.  Also, don’t bring organic wine. I’ve yet to have a wine labeled as such that tastes good.

Expensive wines don’t always win.  My parents brought a bottle of wine from Costco that cost $10 and it won. Then again, maybe we all don’t have very refined palates. Who cares? We have fun and love what we drink.

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  1. susan

    I believe I saw a Nebuchadnezzar at WhitehallLane in Napa over the summer. it was rather impressive……and probably more wine than I will drink in my lifetime! lol! enjoy your party!


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