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Review: 125 Chicken Recipes Cookbook

Because I’m trying to save money, I’m always on the lookout for new recipes to try. So, when I was given a free copy of the 125 Chicken Recipes cookbook, I was excited to try out the Roasted Chicken Fajitas. I’ve made fajitas before, they are one of my favorite dishes, but never roasted them in the oven.  I was… Read more »

Wine Review: Holman Ranch 2012 Pinot Gris

What exactly is a Pinot Gris? It’s a dry white wine. It’s basically the same as a Pinot Grigio, but slightly different. Pinot Grigio is Italian. Pinot Gris is French. What did I think of the Holman Ranch Pinot Gris? It tasted slightly buttery, but not overly so.  There was a little bite initially followed by a fruity, tart flavor. … Read more »

Wine Review: Holman Ranch 2011 Chardonnay

The good people at Holman Ranch also sent be a bottle of chardonnay to review in addition to the sauvignon blanc I previously reviewed. This is an estate grown chardonnay.  What does estate grown mean on a wine label?  Basically, it’s a fancy way to say that a certain percentage of the grapes are grown by the winery.  OK, it’s… Read more »

Wine Review: Holman Ranch Sauvignon Blanc

Ah, white wine. Most people associate it with warmer times of the year, but I enjoy it year round.  The good people at Holman Ranch sent me a bottle of their 2012 Estate Grown Sauvignon Blanc. It was crisp and light with a hint of citrus…possibly grapefruit? Previously, I’d tried their 2011 Sauvignon Blanc.  This one is just as good…. Read more »

Recipe: Easy Chocolate Chip Scones

You know when you forget to get stuff for breakfast, but you want something yummy? That happened to me the other day. Then I saw a box of Bisquick in my fridge as well as an opened package of mini-chocolate chips. I thought some how these two things should go together. I found a recipe for Easy Drop Danish in… Read more »