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Manti Te’o Online Dating Gone Awry?

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Here’s the one thing I’m sure of in this Manti Te’o situation.  Someone is lying.  Who, I’m not exactly sure.  Let’s examine what the media has finally decided to uncover. Here are a few articles to read.  Feel free to Google more for yourself, but beware it’s a rabbit hole: This is the one that broke the story yesterday by… Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: Take a Chance on Me

To this day, I still hate relationship and dating advice. Most of it is bunk. Actually, there is one rule that I wish more people would follow: Be polite. So many people are just rude when it comes to dating. I’m lucky. Paul is one of the most mature people I’ve ever met. He’s a real live grown up and… Read more »

Date Safely with a Second Mobile Number

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If you are like me, your mobile phone is your life.  OK, maybe not my life, but if I lost my phone or if it was unusable in anyway, I’d be really upset.  Which is why I try to protect it as much as I can.  Take my wallet, but let me keep my phone! A top priority is to… Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: It’s the end of the world?

I awoke this morning with a weird impending sense of doom. My gut was so wrong. Of course, the world could be ending because I have a boyfriend. Yes, I am someone’s girlfriend. Well, not just anyone. I am Paul’s girlfriend. It makes me giddy just to write that statement. While my happiness is overwhelming and probably making some of… Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: Twitterpated 2.0

You know how they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder? It’s true. Well, for me it’s true. The last two months were a blur. Granted, for me it’s the beginning of the busy season. And this year, I am really thankful because if I wasn’t busy, it would have probably been torture. I have another two months to… Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: Almost a horror story

Recently, I heard an online dating tale that I just have to share. A friend of a friend, we’ll call her Maureen, had a first date with a guy, George, a few years ago.  They had been chatting for a while and he seemed interesting.  He drove a Jaguar.  This probably should have been her first warning sign.  He offered… Read more »

A Year in the Life of Me

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This time last year things began to change for me…all for the better. At times it didn’t feel like it. First I got a new job. That was awesome. I still love it, but it will always just be a job. Then I got kicked out of my house. That sounds like I did something to deserve eviction. I didn’t…. Read more »