Online Dating Chronicles: It’s the end of the world?

I awoke this morning with a weird impending sense of doom. My gut was so wrong. Of course, the world could be ending because I have a boyfriend. Yes, I am someone’s girlfriend. Well, not just anyone. I am Paul’s girlfriend. It makes me giddy just to write that statement.

While my happiness is overwhelming and probably making some of you sick to your stomachs, it was interesting to watch the event unfold today.

I didn’t want to go to a charity golf tournament that one of my bosses was in charge of because of the pile of papers currently drowning me in my cube. But, my parents taught me better than that, so I made an appearance. As I was standing on the putting green watching people try to sink a ball in the hole from 50 feet away, I saw tweet mentioning me.


I had a feeling I knew what was going on. The huge smile on my face and the excitement coursing through my veins could not be contained. I pulled up Facebook. And saw this:


Oh. My. God. (Sorry, Girl With Moxie)  I’m in a relationship! With Paul!! I haven’t had that many boyfriends.  This is only my third one and he is the best one.

Of course, I was stuck in the middle of nowhere and my Facebook app on my phone decided to be a brat. I liked the comments on the event that I could and tried not to jump around like a three year old hopped up on cotton candy.

What was I supposed to do now? Confirm! After a torturous drive back to the office, I logged into the Facebook website and made it “Facebook official”and watched the cascade of congratulatory comments from my friends and his friends.

It’s still funny to me. It’s like announcing to the world that I’m going steady.

It’s awesome, but a little absurd. I’m not a huge fan of that kind of attention. All of my friends and all of his friends are very happy for us. It’s just a little weird. It used to be that someone had to introduce you as their “boyfriend/girlfriend” before you realized that you were in a relationship. Now, you just click a few buttons. I like the new way better. At least now, I will remember the day that Paul introduced me to the Internet as his girlfriend, not his girl-slash-friend.

OK, so I didn’t technically meet my boyfriend on an online dating site.  But we did meet via Twitter, which is online, so I’m counting it.  And yes, I was looking for a relationship when I found him and he was looking for one too.  I just wasn’t really looking for someone who lives 1,500 miles away, but that, oddly enough, isn’t a deal breaker for me.  It’s kind of an interesting challenge.

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