Online Dating Chronicles: Twitterpated 2.0

You know how they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder? It’s true. Well, for me it’s true.

The last two months were a blur. Granted, for me it’s the beginning of the busy season. And this year, I am really thankful because if I wasn’t busy, it would have probably been torture.

I have another two months to deal with until next we meet. I need to start scheduling holiday cheer to keep me from the temptation of wallowing. Of course, I’m trying to just enjoy the moments we have together as they occur. Sure, most of them are digital, but that doesn’t make me swoon less. I think it makes me appreciate every thing on a deeper level. I try not to take each interaction for granted. I mean today I started swooning over a text message in the morning and by afternoon, I still had moments where a silly grin was plastered on my face.

The short time Paul and I spent together this past weekend was like a dream come true. I’ve been going to Las Vegas for years and always had a decent time, but this time was the best time. It was like I’ve been searching for that experience each time I went and never found it. In fact, It was the first real vacation I’ve been on from which I didn’t want to go home. Normally, I’m just done after a few days and want to sleep in my own bed. But, I didn’t want our time together to end so quickly. I didn’t exactly want to stay in Las Vegas, but I sure as hell didn’t want to go home.

The weird part? After our first rendezvous, I’d never missed someone that much and now I miss Paul even more.

Maybe it’s because he said the sweetest thing ever the day we were going to return home. We were talking about how much we missed each other after our last visit (yes, I know try not to get cavities) and he said, “There were days when I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

Excuse me, but SQUEEE! I’m swooning now as I remember it. No one has ever said that to me or about me or about me to me.

I’m sorry. I’m probably turning into one of those women I used to hate, and still sort of do, but I don’t care. I’m happy and I’m going to enjoy it. I’ve had enough lame dates and been treated like crap by enough men to fill a book or a blog, if you will. Life is too short not to enjoy it when you can and I’m going to enjoy it.

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