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Online Dating Chronicles: Twitterpated

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I cannot believe twitterpated is a real world, but my roommate assures me it is…and that it predates 2007. Regardless, it probably best describes my feelings and couldn’t be more poetic for my current situation. Apparently, it’s true that good things come to those who wait and I’ve been waiting a hell of a long time for something this wonderful… Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: Swoon!

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When was the last time you swooned? For me it was last night, but I really was swooning last week. The fact that the possibility of a future with me was even mentioned makes me unbearably happy. I know. I shouldn’t read into it. Then Friday night I had a quasi-Bridget Jones moment. My initial reaction to both of these… Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: Fear is the mind killer

Unless you are some self-actualized monk, everyone has streaks of jealousy. I try to keep mine under control. Sure, I get pissed off, but mostly at myself. It’s just fear. My ego goes nuts and starts firing up my imagination. “Why hasn’t he texted me? Should I text him? Why am I getting less attention? He probably has a girlfriend… Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: It could be stupid or it could be great.

Over the past four days, I’ve been experiencing this cavalcade of emotions. Mostly, I’m happier than I can ever remember. But being that I am me, I have moments of “What the hell am I doing?!?” and “What if…” Luckily, these are usually succeeded by a large dose of “Squee!” It’s that girly overwhelming feeling of excitement, anticipation and lust…. Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: Low Maintenance Lisa

Because I think I’m low maintenance, I’m probably not. But, one unsolicited text a day makes me very happy. Replies don’t count…well, they do, but the unexpected random text of song lyrics always makes me smile…laugh even.  It’s like a flirty version of Name That Tune. OK, maybe not, but it’s fun regardless. Of course, woman cannot live on digital… Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: What is normal?

At one point, not long ago in our history, meeting people via a dating site was considered to be weird. OK, maybe for some people (most people) it still is weird. Meeting people in a bar was taboo…back in the 50s…I think. What I’m trying to say is that just because a method of meeting people who are potential mates… Read more »

Online Dating Chronicles: Trying a new direction

A few weeks ago, I saw two newish online dating sites mentioned on the Twitter. I say newish because I’m too lazy to look up when they went live. One is called Tawkify. It supposedly helps you find a date based on your Klout score. There are no algorithms. There are people doing the grunt work. Supposedly…I’m skeptical as I… Read more »