Online Dating Chronicles: Almost a horror story

Recently, I heard an online dating tale that I just have to share.

A friend of a friend, we’ll call her Maureen, had a first date with a guy, George, a few years ago.  They had been chatting for a while and he seemed interesting.  He drove a Jaguar.  This probably should have been her first warning sign.  He offered to make her dinner, so one night she went over to his house.  Yes, I know, but wait.

George was in the kitchen cooking and Maureen decided to do the “walk around the living room because I’m a little bit bored routine” when sees framed photos of his cats, Bob and Joanne, dressed up like people.  Now is when it gets weird…she notices that their nails are painted.  Then she realized that the photos looked familiar.  Why?  Because they were his top two friends on MySpace.

The fact that she didn’t get chopped into bits is nothing short of a miracle.

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