College bowl game party ideas: Three quick tips

college-bowl-game-party-ideasIt used to be most college bowl games took place on or around New Year’s Day. Many people were hungover from the festivities the night before, but why not have a little hair of the dog under the guise of watching a football game? These days college bowl games are spread out over three weeks and start before Christmas Day. However, we all love a good reason to have a party and what better reason than to cheer on your alma mater? Continue reading

Halloween Decoration Ideas: 5 Easy & Inexpensive Tips

Halloween Decoration IdeasI confess. I started decorating for Halloween in mid-September. The bad news is that I can’t find some of my decorations. They are somewhere in our dark and somewhat cavernous storage unit. It’s not that big, but it’s full.

I looked at Target, where I love to buy Halloween decor, but it looked picked over and nothing really caught my eye. I don’t want to spend a ton of money, but I do want it to feel more festive. Plus, I don’t want to replace the stuff that is “lost” because I’m just too lazy to dig it out. Continue reading

LEGO minifigure bump codes: Series 12 edition

LEGO Minifigure bump codes series 12It’s that time again! Lego minifigures are out and I have the bump codes you are looking for…

Honestly, the bump codes don’t seem to work as well as the feeling method. Below I will show you the LEGO® Minifigures, Series 12 bump codes, but I’ll also give you some tips on how to use the feeling method. You should know that you will need a TON of patience if you use the feeling method.

You can see the LEGO minifigure bump codes for both the Prospector and the Lifeguard. What you need to keep in mind if you use the feeling the bag method is this: You’ll be able to tell it’s the Prospector by his hat and pickaxe. The Lifeguard has binoculars and that thing that Hasselhoff ran around with on Bay Watch.

Lego-Minifigures-Bump-Codes-Series-12-1Above we have the Dino Tracker and the Wizard codes. In the Dino Tracker bag, you need to find her bow & arrow as well as her syringe.

The Wizard can be confused with the Princess. Both have a pointy hat. The key difference is that the Wizard has a staff.  Check for that with the pointy hat.

Lego-Minifigures-Bump-Codes-Series-12-2You can see the bump codes for the Princess and the Rock Star. If feeling the bag, in the Princess, look for the frog.

Feeling for the Rock Star you need to find his guitar. You should be able to feel the pointy neck.


The Goth Girl’s bump codes are easy to see, but if you are feeling the bag and want to find the Goth Girl, be sure to look for her teddy bear.

The Battle Goddess has a smooth shield and spear. You should be able to easily feel those in her bag.


The Space Miner’s bump codes are fairly clear. What’s really easy to feel and see in his bag is his armor. It makes the bag bulky. Be sure to check for his space drill too.

The Hun’s bump codes confused me a bit. I wasn’t sure about the little tiny dots in the right hand corner. It’s better to feel the bag and find his shield. It has a lump in the middle of it which makes it easy to differentiate from the Battle Goddess.


For some reason, when we were at the Mall of America’ LEGO store, they had a plethora of Pizza Delivery Guys. You can find him by feeling his hat, pizza and pizza box.

The Video Game Guy doesn’t really come with much except his giant Nintendo-like controller. His headphone are glued to his hair…or possibly just part of his hair.


For the Swashbuckler, his bump codes are fairly easy to make out. When looking for the Swashbuckler, or as I like to call him D’Artagnan, by feeling the mystery bag, you need to look for his hat and his sword.

The Genie Gal was the most difficult to find by using the feeling method. There are a couple of minifigures with ponytails, so I thought we found her a few times, but I could never find her swoosh. You will be able to feel the swoosh she has instead of legs. If you pick up a mystery bag and it has legs in it, it’s not the Genie Gal. For some reason I kept calling her a mermaid, but she’s clearly a genie…she has a magic lamp!



The Court Jester was one of the first minifigures we found. He has that hat and the tow cards that are easy to feel inside the mystery bag.

For last I save my favorite, Pig Man. “They government is going to build an army of Pig Men, Jerry!” I couldn’t help but hear Cosmo Kramer’s voice in my head as we were looking for the Pig Man. His bump codes are pretty clear. When feeling the mystery bag, look for the apple. I tried to find the pig head, but finding the apple was easier. It has a long stem.


Halloween Costume Ideas: Groups of Fun!

Halloween Costume Ideas: Group Fun!It will be here before you know it. What Halloween costume ideas do you have? If you’re like me, none. However, a good idea is to get a group of friends together and get a theme going. Of course, you have to have friends first, but that’s a whole different post. Worse comes to worst, you can always coerce convince your family into a group theme idea, right?

At, they have a handy group costume selector. It lets you choose the number of people in your group as well as the theme. It will even add up how much it will cost for all of the costumes.

So you can dial through the various themes, then spin the selector to find different costumes that will match the theme, but so you all won’t end up dressed up as the Flash when you decided on the Super Hero theme.

Personally, I enjoy the crayon theme. You could have someone as a box or you could all just choose different colors and collectively be a box of crayons! Fun for the whole family however you define that term.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Think outside the usual

Instead of the usual groups, you can make your own group by choosing a decade as a theme or even a game. I saw a Rock, Paper, Scissors group costume. Just add a lizard costume and a Spock costume and you'll have a totally awesome group costume that only the cool kids will get.

Why not go as a meal? There are vegetable and fruit costumes as well as bacon, eggs, and a zombie hot dog. OK, zombie food is a bit odd, but definitely unique. How does a banana turn into a zombie anyway? And what do they eat? Other bananas or human brains? Clearly, I'm over thinking this costume. I think I'd rather be the Rasta Banana than the zombie banana. Seems like Rasta Banana would be more fun, right?

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