LEGO minifigure bump codes: Series 12 edition

LEGO Minifigure bump codes series 12It’s that time again! Lego minifigures are out and I have the bump codes you are looking for…

Honestly, the bump codes don’t seem to work as well as the feeling method. Below I will show you the LEGO® Minifigures, Series 12 bump codes, but I’ll also give you some tips on how to use the feeling method. You should know that you will need a TON of patience if you use the feeling method.

You can see the LEGO minifigure bump codes for both the Prospector and the Lifeguard. What you need to keep in mind if you use the feeling the bag method is this: You’ll be able to tell it’s the Prospector by his hat and pickaxe. The Lifeguard has binoculars and that thing that Hasselhoff ran around with on Bay Watch.

Lego-Minifigures-Bump-Codes-Series-12-1Above we have the Dino Tracker and the Wizard codes. In the Dino Tracker bag, you need to find her bow & arrow as well as her syringe.

The Wizard can be confused with the Princess. Both have a pointy hat. The key difference is that the Wizard has a staff.  Check for that with the pointy hat.

Lego-Minifigures-Bump-Codes-Series-12-2You can see the bump codes for the Princess and the Rock Star. If feeling the bag, in the Princess, look for the frog.

Feeling for the Rock Star you need to find his guitar. You should be able to feel the pointy neck.


The Goth Girl’s bump codes are easy to see, but if you are feeling the bag and want to find the Goth Girl, be sure to look for her teddy bear.

The Battle Goddess has a smooth shield and spear. You should be able to easily feel those in her bag.


The Space Miner’s bump codes are fairly clear. What’s really easy to feel and see in his bag is his armor. It makes the bag bulky. Be sure to check for his space drill too.

The Hun’s bump codes confused me a bit. I wasn’t sure about the little tiny dots in the right hand corner. It’s better to feel the bag and find his shield. It has a lump in the middle of it which makes it easy to differentiate from the Battle Goddess.


For some reason, when we were at the Mall of America’ LEGO store, they had a plethora of Pizza Delivery Guys. You can find him by feeling his hat, pizza and pizza box.

The Video Game Guy doesn’t really come with much except his giant Nintendo-like controller. His headphone are glued to his hair…or possibly just part of his hair.


For the Swashbuckler, his bump codes are fairly easy to make out. When looking for the Swashbuckler, or as I like to call him D’Artagnan, by feeling the mystery bag, you need to look for his hat and his sword.

The Genie Gal was the most difficult to find by using the feeling method. There are a couple of minifigures with ponytails, so I thought we found her a few times, but I could never find her swoosh. You will be able to feel the swoosh she has instead of legs. If you pick up a mystery bag and it has legs in it, it’s not the Genie Gal. For some reason I kept calling her a mermaid, but she’s clearly a genie…she has a magic lamp!



The Court Jester was one of the first minifigures we found. He has that hat and the tow cards that are easy to feel inside the mystery bag.

For last I save my favorite, Pig Man. “They government is going to build an army of Pig Men, Jerry!” I couldn’t help but hear Cosmo Kramer’s voice in my head as we were looking for the Pig Man. His bump codes are pretty clear. When feeling the mystery bag, look for the apple. I tried to find the pig head, but finding the apple was easier. It has a long stem.


28 thoughts on “LEGO minifigure bump codes: Series 12 edition

  1. Melissa

    Thanks for the way instructions! The bumps are so confusing! We have a toy store 35 min away that decodes them all but I was at targets mercy with my 3 year old today trying to guess. I got the rockstar to begin our collection of series 12.

    1. Amy Ruiz Fritz Post author

      Awesome! Good luck. Glad I could help. The feeling method seems to be the best for us, but it’s nice that some store bothered to decode the bumps too. I wonder what the rate of success is.

  2. Richard Hancock

    Wonderful blog! (Many thanks from a collector in the UK.)

    I bought the entire set from an eBay seller in the UK for £44.95 (about $72) including free shipping, compared to a normal UK retail price of £39.84 (16 times £2.49) for 16 random minifigs. (All UK prices quoted include VAT — somewhat like a sales tax — of 20%.)

    I love the Goth Girl minifig so much, I’ll use the bump codes to try and find another one in a local store. That’s probably my second favourite minifig ever — Robot Woman being my #1.

    Thanks again for a wonderful blog.

    1. Vik

      The Goth girl is easy cause her hair compresses when you squeeze the bag. I have found 3 that way. I want a pig and a wizard. Not having any luck though.

  3. Sheri

    This may be very amateurish but do the embossed codes (ex., 224B4) in the bump code region tell you anything? I’m not looking for anything in particular at this point, just trying not to get duplicates. Thanks!

    1. Amy Ruiz Fritz Post author

      Great question! 🙂 That code tells you the production run, which can tell you the validity of the bump codes. If your production run numbers match up with what I have in my photos, then the bump codes should be similar. Does that help?

    1. Winteam3

      I need the simpsons ones so i can get the family, as I only have two Homers and 2 Barts in his Bart man suit

  4. Tammy

    THANK YOU!!! My daughter wanted to get the genie and your information helped me pick it right out. Saved me lots of $$$$$$! 🙂

  5. Tim

    Thanks – I didn’t really think it would work but it did! Me and my friend both got what we wanted! (i got video game guy)

  6. Winteam3

    Me and my mum love minifigures and we stood for nearly 2 hours looking fir the guitar man by feeling in the packet for his guitar. Thanks to you I can get them all without doubles!


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