College bowl game party ideas: Three quick tips

college-bowl-game-party-ideasIt used to be most college bowl games took place on or around New Year’s Day. Many people were hungover from the festivities the night before, but why not have a little hair of the dog under the guise of watching a football game? These days college bowl games are spread out over three weeks and start before Christmas Day. However, we all love a good reason to have a party and what better reason than to cheer on your alma mater?

If you aren’t sure how you can squeeze in yet another party, but really want to get some friends together to watch the game, I’ve got some college bowl game party ideas that will make the get together easy and fun:

College Bowl Game Party Idea #1: BYOF

My go to option to make parties easier to host is potluck. Unless you went to one of those fancy Ivy League schools and can afford to have the shindig catered, this is the easiest and most economical way to take some of the stress off of you. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a huge 10 course meal. Chips and dips are just fine. You only need enough food to just get you through the game and to balance out any possible (probable) overindulgence in booze.

College Bowl Game Party Idea #2: Blast from the past

Dig up old photos of yourself or your alma mater and incorporate them as part of the decor. The older you are the funnier your hair will look in these photos. Even if you just have old school photo albums, leaving them out to peruse while the commercials are on will be a great conversation starter.

College Bowl Game Party Idea #3: Show your colors

College Photo Booth Props

Visit my etsy store to see more college photo booth props.

Party supply stores have a wide array of colors available. You don’t need to get a giant wall sticker of your mascot. Just get plates, napkins, and a plastic table cloth in your school colors. It doesn’t have to be high quality material. Just good enough to keep the nacho cheese dip off your coffee table and your spirits high. I got lucky in that some of the Party City stores in the Twin Cities carry plates and napkins with University of Minnesota logos on them.

If you want to take your game up a notch, get some photo booth props to share the fun on social media. There are college themed ones available. I know because I created a bunch in my Etsy store! They have fight song lyrics, mascot names, and school hashtags. All you have to do is buy the file and download it, print it out, cut it out and stick them to a stick or straw.  If your school isn’t listed yet, I’ll happily make some custom ones for you.  Heck, I’ll even customize the ones I already have made. If you want to make your own, I highly suggest you use PicMonkey. It’s so easy to use. They have a free version, but you can try their Royale subscription for free for 30 days.

Who are you rooting for??

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