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New Year’s Eve Party at Home: 5 Planning Tips

Another new year is almost here! Aside from making me rhyme, it’s a great time to celebrate. When you’re young, all you want to do is go out for New Year’s Eve and party like every year is 1999. Did anyone ever find this mythical New Year’s Eve party that was going to be awesome? I never did. OK, a couple… Read more »

Coffee roast levels: Which one is best?

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Back when I started drinking coffee as a kid, I didn’t know that there were different coffee roast levels. Calm down. I only drank it on the weekends. Actually, I didn’t know about roasts until I was well into adulthood. I just thought some places had good coffee and some places had crap. It never dawned on my that beans could… Read more »

College bowl game party ideas: Three quick tips

It used to be most college bowl games took place on or around New Year’s Day. Many people were hungover from the festivities the night before, but why not have a little hair of the dog under the guise of watching a football game? These days college bowl games are spread out over three weeks and start before Christmas Day. However,… Read more »

Wine Tasting Party Tips: How to host a fun one!

Have you ever wanted to have a wine tasting party? Every year one of my friends hosts a blind wine tasting party to kick off the holiday season. It’s not something formal or stuffy. It’s actually a ton of fun! Below I’ve listed some tips to help you host a wine tasting party this holiday season or any time during the year.

Winter Beverages: Baileys Irish Cream and Coffee

Back when I was younger, I thought Irish Coffee was Baileys Irish Creme mixed with coffee. Obviously, I was wrong, but Baileys Irish Cream and Coffee is a good drink. It reminds me of winter time and coziness. Personally, I like Baileys Irish Cream on the rocks as an after dinner drink/dessert, but it also goes well with coffee. Plus,… Read more »