Easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas

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Easy DIY Christmas Decoration IdeasOne month from today is Christmas. I know. I can’t believe it either. One of the best parts of Christmas is decorating. While I’m not the most craft oriented person, sometimes I can’t find decorations that fit my personality or taste while shopping in the big box stores, so I try to make my own Christmas decorations. Below I’ve listed some easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas.

Easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas #1: Printables

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You can find these printables all over the internet.  You purchase the file, print it out, and stick it in a frame you already have. Some people will even make a custom piece of art just for you and you don’t have to pay art gallery prices. If you prefer, you can easily make your own using PicMonkey. They have a free version and a paid version. I used it to make everything I sell in my Etsy store. It’s really easy to use and even the paid version is much cheaper than buying any piece of software in the Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s $33 a year for a Royale (without cheese) subscription at PicMonkey, which gives you access to more fonts, overlays, and photo effects. Heck, last year I even designed my Christmas cards on it because they have these groups of overlays, fonts, and effects specifically for the holidays. I love letting my creativity go wild on that site. The image at the top of this post (and pretty much all of my posts from the last year) were made there.

Idea: instead of just Christmas words, you can also put the names of your family members in the art.

Easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas #2: Wrapping Pictures and Doors

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Is it just me or do you always have a ton of Christmas wrapping paper left over each year and kind of get sick of it after a while, but are afraid to throw it away. Why not put it to use? You’ve got photos hanging all over the house. Just wrap them in some of that Christmas wrapping paper and put a fun bow on it. You can do the same to your front door or any door in your home. I remember seeing someone do this when I was a kid and thought, “How cool is that?” I never seem to have enough framed photos to put this trick to use. It’s not a new way to decorate for Christmas, but it is effective in spreading some holiday cheer in an easy way.

Easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas #3: Fill vases with Christmas stuff

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This is such a simple way to decorate for Christmas that you probably already do it. Take some of the shiny ball ornaments that you can’t seem to find room for on the Christmas tree and place them in a glass vase. I do this every year. I think one year I purposefully bought some silver ball ornaments to fill vases or even bowls. You can do the same thing with candy canes, peppermint candy, or whatever you have lying around that might look festive in a glass vase.

Easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas #4: Put bows on things

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You’ll see pre-tied bows for sale in almost every store. Buy a few of these and hang them from random places in your home. Put them on a door, a handrail on a stairway, or even kitchen cabinets. Have fun and put them in unexpected places. It’s simple, but Christmasy at the same time. I love those Command Hooks from 3M. You can put those suckers anywhere.  They even have some clear ones that I use to spread a little surprising Christmas cheer throughout my home. Hint: Stockings don’t have to be above a fireplace.

Easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas #5: Hang ornaments in random places

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If you have a bunch of left over tree ornaments and some ribbon or fishing line, you can easily create a fun display. Hang them in the window, from a light fixture, or even from the ceiling. It’s one of those simple things you can do, but sometimes forget about doing. I love it when people hang ornaments over their dining table like the above image. We can’t do it since we have track lighting above our table, but I bet I could figure out something.

What DIY Christmas decoration ideas do you use?

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