Movie Review – Thor: The Dark World

While I enjoy most of the Marvel movies Stan Lee has been putting out for the past decade, this one is no exception.  The only problem is that I kept comparing it to Star Wars.

Combining Nordic mythology with space is awesome. I never would have imagined Norse gods and demons as aliens and/or having space ships.

Also, I enjoy the character development of Loki. Is he a bad guy? Seems like it. Is he evil? I can’t tell, but he is funny.

I think that’s the other thing I enjoy about the Marvel Universe, it’s not just an action movie, there’s a decent amount of humor in it.

Not to spoil anything, but I just might do that with the rest of my post.  You’ve been warned.

The main dark elf bad guy (whose name I cannot remember or pronounce) sounded like Jabba the Hutt. Seriously, at one point I thought he was going to say, “Bring Solo and the Wookie to me…”

Then later in one of the many battle scenes, Thor lost a hand…hello Luke Skywalker…and I thought, “Thor, I am your father!”

Plus, a lot of the explosions in space had a very distinct ILM sound.  I kept waiting for a Jedi to appear when the bad guys were attacking Asgard from their cloaked space ships.  Yes, I kept calling them Romulans.

All in all, it was a good movie. I wasn’t disappointed in braving the crowds at the Mall of America to see it.  And that’s saying something because that place is insane on the weekends.


Inappropriate Halloween Costumes: All new wrongness & Star Wars


Sassy is another word for sexy in costume marketing speak

Why is it that costumes for females are all pretty much the same? I mean for little girls and young teens they are all cutesy. For grown women they are almost all sexy. I even saw a sexy clown costume…what part of a clown is sexy?!? I found it in the Party City circular we received in the mail this past weekend. OK, it says Cotton Candy Clown, but personally, all I can see are her pushed up blue boobs.

So, I’ve been trolling the internet for a female costume that is funny. I saw a Princess Leia for babies that was kind of funny. I mean it had a hat for her bun hairdo. And of course this “Tween Domo Costume” is pretty funny, but they are obviously marketing it to boys even though it’s fairly unisex if you ask me. I did find this peanut butter and jelly costume for two people is good. I mean two friends could be in this “couples” costume. Ugh. A couples costume for kids makes me want to vomit a little. Let’s call it a paired costume… Less sexual innuendo.

You might remember the Sexy (or Sassy) Big Bird disaster of 2010. Thank you for that nightmare, Target.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s OK for girls’ costumes to be cutesy, but I really wish there was more funny marketed to little girls. I feel like Halloween has been over-sexualized. Is that a word? Regardless, by the time a female grows up and wants to wear a costume, it’s almost as bad as wearing a bathing suit, which in this day and age is mostly a bikini.

Speaking of sexualization…have you seen this Darth Vader costume for women…

This is the costume that sparked this year’s affront to Halloween. First and foremost, I love Star Wars, but this is just wrong. And then I found this Adult X-Wing Fighter Dress…DRESS! Yes, I’m pretty sure any women who were flying X-Wings to fight the oppression of the Empire were wearing DRESSES!

Yes, I know. It’s fiction, but that’s not the point. This is just wrong on so many levels for me. If you want to dress like an X-Wing fighter, wear the jumpsuit, not the dress. If you want to be someone sexy from the Star Wars world, Han is pretty hot in his vest and Leia wore that metal bikini after being captured by Jabba the Hutt. Those are the ONLY acceptable sexy Star Wars costumes.  But, why would you go straight to the sex with Star Wars anyway?!?

Vader is supposed to be frightening, imposing, not sexy. Oh, and they also have sexy Storm Troopers. What’s next? A sexy Chewbacca? A sexy Yoda? George Lucas, what have you done?!?

Road Trip to Minnesota: Day 3 & 4 – Wyoming, Again!

Park your Tauntaun anywhere.

Park your Tauntaun anywhere.

We woke up ready to make the long trek to Omaha.  Apparently mother nature had other ideas.  We made it all the way to Rawlins when the road closed…AGAIN.  Granted it was snowing like hell and pretty treacherous out there, but we just wanted to keep on trucking.  This time we got further into Wyoming, but still nowhere near the Nebraska border.  So, we hunkered down, again, with everyone else who had been trapped along I-80 in Wyoming for the past two days.  Hotel rooms were scarce after 12:00 noon.

Day 4:  Still…in…Wyoming…  We had a plan.  Wake up at dawn and hit the road.  The snow finally stopped.  The sun was shining, but the wind was still blowing.  I’m pretty sure the wind never stops blowing in Wyoming.  Also, here’s a tip if you plan to travel across country, avoid Wyoming.   The only time it seems to be OK to cross is June through August.  I’ve heard that it can snow on July 4th, so be warned.

Regardless, determined to get the hell out of that state, we hopped in the car and made it all the way to Laramie before they shut down I-80 again.  It was maddening.  The sun was shining in Laramie, how could it be treacherous 50 miles down the road?  OK, fine.  It wasn’t the best conditions even to Laramie.  The wind was blowing like hell and snow was swirling everywhere.  We saw three different vehicles go off the road. I blame the drivers being stupid more than the road conditions.

Same state, south is icy, north is dry

Same state, south is icy, north is dry

Luckily, my friend Christi and her boyfriend met us for lunch in Laramie.  They were a HUGE help.  They broke the news that I-80 was unlikely to reopen again that day, but there was another way out of the state.  We headed north on some state highways, or as I like to call them, very nice back roads, to get to I-25 and then I-90.  So, north we went to Gillette and then finally east to Rapid City, South Dakota.

All I know is that we celebrated getting the hell out of Wyoming once we finally got to South Dakota.  I do have one last question for Wyoming.  What’s up with the red freeways?  The asphalt was red colored on I-25 and I-90.  It might be that way in South Dakota too, but it was dark by the time we arrived.

Road Trip to Minnesota: Day One

You can follow our hashtag too!

You can follow our hashtag too!

Anyone who has ever moved as an adult hates packing.  Even though I purged and purged, I was still forced to leave crap behind in California.  The essentials, sadly not including wine, were all that would fit into my Beetle.

In a frenzy, I had to decide what was needed (clothes for job interviews) and what could wait, (wine, fancy shoes, and some toiletries).  Half way through Nevada, I realized that I should have stashed at least one or two bottles of wine in some nook and/or cranny.

The first leg of our trip took us to Salt Lake City, 10 hours of driving.  Here’s the thing, Nevada is REALLY boring outside of Reno and Las Vegas.  Also, I’m so goddamn tired of driving my car over mountain passes.  I’m looking forward to the flatness of Nebraska.  I say that now…

One awesome thing in Nevada is the Deeth Starr Valley exit.  At this point, you are probably delirious with boredom, so Deeth Starr is obviously Death Star.  Just look at the tips people have left:

social media, travel

star wars quote, social media, travel

OK, that’s funny regardless.

For the first time in my life, I had to drive while it was snowing.  It was just a snow shower and nothing was really sticking to the ground, but it was a first nonetheless.

Finally, around 10:00 PM we made it to Salt Lake City.  Apparently there were some salt flats we passed.  I don’t know what visual trick goes on in my brain, but it was reflective like water.  I guess there are flat surfaces on the NaCl that reflect light like water.  Sorry to get all science-y (and probably wrong) there.

The only thing that kept me from going crazy was Paul, of course.  We traded off the driving duties and tried to keep each other entertained.  It’s nice to have someone else in the car, especially someone who makes me laugh so much.  I’m not used to long drives without either being alone or surrounded by family.


P.S. When Paul arrived at the airport, this is how I greeted him:

sign, greeting, social media, love

I was the crazy lady wearing a tiara and holding a sign at the airport.  Hopefully, I inspired someone to be a little crazy in the name of love because it certainly makes for an interesting anecdote.

You kids and your video games!

Short of shaking my fist in the air, I am confused by today’s video games. Back in my day, they were simple. Super Mario Brothers was simple. You ran to the right and jumped over (or shot at) whatever got in your way. Tetris, never ended. It just got faster and more anxiety laden. The bricks never stopped! Pac-Man? Just eat the pills. Eat them before the ghosts get you!

Star Wars video game

I was watching my 6 year old nephew play some random Star Wars game on the Wii, “What the heck are you supposed to do in this game?”

“I don’t know. That’s part of the game.”

That’s annoying, just like JarJar Binks.

Just wandering around Mos Eisely spaceport? Knocking crap over with your light saber? Can’t Yoda pop up and say, “Go to the Cantina, you must,” or something?

Half of the games today look like a freaking cartoon or movie. I don’t know what’s going on.

OK, I will admit to liking games like the Sims and Animal Crossing. They have no point and are pretty much just glorified paper dolls, but you know that going in. There’s no “missions” with no direction. I need some sort of context in my gaming. I need to see a challenge, not try to figure out what the challenge might be and then attempt it.

And what’s with all the character choices? There were two in Super Mario Bros and one in Pac-Man. Do you really need to be some random Jedi who had maybe three seconds of screen time? You can be the Gonk Droid for crying out loud! What does the Gonk Droid do? Nothing! Why is it even a choice?