>I have internet at home! I don’t know why I didn’t order it with my phone, but for some dumb reason I thought I would shop around. Whatever.

Now I have to figure out where I put everything. It’s in a box somewhere.

Did I mention how wonderful it is to have a yard? I didn’t even realize how much I missed having a backyard. I never want to live in another apartment. It’s so quiet and serene on my street. Of course, I can hear the train every once in a while, but I rather hear the rumble of the rail than an upstairs neighbor!

Good riddance, Natomas!

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>I made it through the TV wasteland that is the summer time! “Heroes” is back! Screw you, “Lost.” There is no way I’ll remember half of the story arc by the time February rolls around.

Amazon UnBox had a free download of that “Chuck” show, so I watched that over the weekend. It was pretty good. Definitely a show going on my Season Pass.

Since I’ve loved Jason Lee since “Mallrats,” I’m looking forward to “My Name is Earl.” But, what the hell am I going to watch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays? “The Biggest Loser”? That awful looking Kelsey Grammar Patrica Heaton sitcom? Hell no. “Life” looks promising. I watched the pilot (thanks to UnBox, again) and it’s a bit odd. Not as funny as I thought it would be, but interesting nonetheless.

As much as I enjoy David Spade, I find it hard to believe that “Rules of Engagement” was renewed for a second season. Maybe they hired new writers and won’t have those cliché “I hate being married, married life is hell, being married sucks” jokes. Seriously, no one is forced into marriage anymore.

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>Somehow, a miracle happened and my air conditioner was fixed on Saturday. I was able to move in on Sunday. Now, of course I can’t find anything. Although, now I don’t have to worry about the wrath of the note lady. She can just suck it.

Probably due to my rant, karma has delivered me yet another glitch or two. My garage door is malfunctioning. It opens up just find, but when I pull the car out and try to use the clicker to close it, the thing freaks out. It spurts and sputters. The door moves about 6 inches then decides to go back up. Then the overhead light flashes at me in anger. I figure the thing is overheated. I know it’s 108 out, but that’s not my fault. If it were up to me it would be foggy and 65.

Plus SBC doesn’t seem to want to give me DSL service. I ordered it, but the website acts like I didn’t and like my phone number doesn’t exist. Then whey I try to call the 800 number, the damn office is closed. Aparently the Pacific Time Zone doesn’t exist either. Everything revolves around Central. Fine. I’ll find some other company. That’s why we have a free market. Suck it SBC. I’ll continue to use my piddly dial up until then.

Anyway, I guess if that’s all I have to complain about, I should count my blessings. As soon as I find the box they’re in, I’ll be sure to do that.

8 thoughts on “>Finally!

  1. >Sounds to me like you’ve got a sticky switch on your garage door remote. Complain to your landlord. I don’t know if you’re in a complex or just part of a house, but I do know that those remotes are cheap and easy to program–it’s just a little bit of dipswitch flipping. Or flipwitch dipping. Or flipditch swapping.

    Something like that.

    You have no sympathies from me here in Western NY, where, while we may not be able to match you for heat, a recent study of the air discovered that it actually contains MORE moisture than pure water. Besides, I don’t have A/C. What we did have was a cloudburst so severe that my normally unflooding basement got a few inches on Sunday, and it’s been so frikkin hot that I didn’t notice the pilot light went out on my water heater until this morning.


  2. >I just moved back in with my parents for a little while. My landlord was a Nazi. Sucks that I have to live with my parents.

    It took my landlord 3 weeks to fix my broken windows. I use to live at a baseball park and baseballs would crash through my windows. I got kind of sick of it.

    Maybe this will be a good opotunity to save money to move out of town.

    Anyway, enough about me. It looks like your situations getting a lot better. Enjoy the cool air.

  3. >You’re a great audience, I’m here all week! Sorry.

    Living with the parents was good and bad. It was nice to have roommates who weren’t completely psycho, generally cared for my well being, and even paid my way for most stuff.

    But, I crave my independence. I need time to sit and write, read, or watch what I want on TV. It’s a catch-22.

  4. >Balloon Pirate: Humidity is worse than 108 degree heat. Well, 108 is a close second. I’ve done my time back East in the humid summers. Never again, if I can help it. They are horrible. How do you survive without A/C?

  5. >Cost-effectiveness, madame. I live in an old house. With old wiring. Wiring that has gone mishmash and crisscross over the years as home-improvement mavens (or perhaps just idiotic contractors) have added and changed things. Consequently, I have learned a few tricks: I can run the dishwasher and the microwave at the same time, but not the dishwasher and the hairdryer in the bathroom, or else a circuit blows. Or the toaster and the coffeemaker. I can’t have the home entertainment system on when vaccuuming my bedroom. Fortunately for me, I don’t use the hair dryer, and rarely use the vaccuum in my room, so these are minor things.

    It’s just when I want a bagel with my coffee that I must truly suffer.

    The amount of power that a single-room AC window unit draws would blow any of my circuits. Meaning I would have to breakout a single line for the room I want it in. This is beyond my skill level, so I would have to hire a contractor. To do that single line is within about $200 of the normal cost of putting in a central-air sysem.

    So why don’t I do that? Because my old house uses radiant heat, so there are no vents. Which means the would have to be built–making central air cost-prohibitive.

    So, I could, for the price of a central-air system, get ONE room cool. In an area that has, on average, only about 45 days of this really godawful humidity.

    So I would get a return on my investment on average, only one day out of 12 throughout the year.

    So, we take drives (the car has A/C). We go to movies. We sit on the porch. We go swimming when we can. And we complain. That’s ok…I’m good at complaining.

    Didn’t expect such a long-winded response, did ya? Well, we balloon pirates are experts in hot air.


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