>We Won’t Forget

>The images of that morning are etched into the minds of everyone who had access to a TV. I cannot look at those images again.  It makes me anxious. I feel that awful energy coursing through my body.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to forget.  I cannot forget.  I want to learn from those events.  I want to remember the positive that came out of it all.  The coming together of humanity, worldwide in support through love. 

When reading through the “where were you” tweets, it’s interesting to read the messages of those who were children at the time.  Now they are adults.  I was an adult when it happened, but felt as frightened as a child.  Where was I? Living in the Bay Area, driving to work and listening to AM radio. I was on the Bay Bridge when the freak out started in my mind as the realization of what was occurring hit me.

There are so many people to think about today. The people who lost their lives just going about their daily routines.  Their families and friends who cope with the loss.  The folks on the planes and their family and friends.  The brave men and women who lost their lives trying to help and their families and friends.  The brave men and women who helped out and survived the aftermath.  The citizens of New York City who witnessed the chaos first hand.  The citizens of Washington D.C. who witnessed the chaos first hand.  Everyone.

>There But For the Grace of…

>That horrible explosion in San Bruno hits a little close to home for me. 

I lived probably a mile away from the site of the gas leak.  Many times I drove up Sneath Lane to Skyline Blvd when I had finished shopping at Tanforan.  I remember watching the fog creep over the hills and spill into the Bay.  Well, I guess those are actually mountains.  The scent of eucalyptus was always heavy in the air.

So many good times were spent with my best friend driving around the winding, cool streets of a little known peninsula town, so close to the City.

In an event like this, you can see the good in humanity rise above the chaos.  People want to help. Just look at the posts online, the people interviewed on TV.  Of course there are always those fools who take advantage of the situation to loot, but they are the exception.

My thoughts go out to all those people effected by this tragedy, which seems to be the result of PG&E’s negligence.  I wonder how many people’s seemingly innocent acts of laziness led to this event.  It makes me think of my own actions. Who knows how what we do effects others?  Little things that seem innocuous could have big results when they add up.

>Genealogy Report – Not for School

>Over the past year, I have become more involved with researching my ancestors.  I mainly focused on my Dad’s side of the family. There are two reasons. 1) My Dad has little to no immediate family left alive or that he knows. 2) His side of the family settled California for the Spanish, so there is an abundance of information readily available for research. It was an effort not only to get to know my family’s role in history, but to also better connect with my Dad.

Historical things I have learned thus far: I had ancestors on both the Portola & de Anza expeditions. If you grew up in California and don’t know what those are then the school system has clearly failed you.  Oh, have you ever been to San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, or Santa Barbara? My ancestors helped to found those cities…You are welcome.

>Open Letter to the Man I Date (or Might Date)

>Confession: I have an unhealthy relationship with my iPhone.  I’ll admit that I’ve had a strong attachment to each and every mobile phone I’ve ever had.  They have all been within arms reach or at least earshot of me 98% of the time.  The few exceptions being trips to the restroom, showers, while at the salon, and the occasional impromptu desk/cube meeting at work.

That being said, if I don’t reply to you within 5 minutes of receiving your text or other form of communication you can be sure of one of two things.  If none of the above exceptions are possible, I’m either busy communicating with someone else and can’t be interrupted or I’m pissed off at you and am doing you a favor by not replying until my head clears.

>Why I Bring My Lunch to Work

>These are the things that go through my mind when trying to decide where to eat:

What do I feel like eating?
Do I feel like driving that far?
Is it already too busy?
Have I gotten sick there before?
Do I have any cash?
What do I feel like eating?
Do I have to turn left to get there?
Crap, now what time is it?

It’s exhausting to have to think this way every day.  It’s so much easier to just nuke something frozen and eat it at my desk.  It has little to do with saving money.  It’s all about not having to think.

>The day is already short

>Apparently, that last giant earthquake in Chile shortened the length of time it takes for the Earth to rotate and moved it’s axis. Of course it’s only a change of milliseconds and inches, but it’s interesting that so much power was released. I guess it could be worse. It could have made the day longer.