>The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

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>One of the MANY problems with Sacramento the attitude its inhabitants have towards parking. Parking is in abundance here compared with say, San Francisco.

As you may be aware, I have been staying at my parents’ house until I can finally move into my own apartment, of which I am directly in the middle. On Friday afternoon, I parked across the street from my parents’ house, as opposed to in their driveway, which is long enough to fit three decent sized cars. I park on the street because it’s one hell of a hassle to have to move my little Beetle every single time we collectively go somewhere in my parents’ SUV.

Regardless, this afternoon I went out to my car and this note was on it:

First of all, just because my car is small doesn’t mean you can pick on me.

Second of all, even if I am parked in the middle of two spots you can have your “guest” park halfway in front of your own drive way as well as the remainder of the street space. I wrongly assumed that most people would think of this solution to their parking problem seeing as how they own the driveway and know the person who wants to park infront of it.

I have a problem. I have a difficult time suffering fools. So now, I feel awkward and pissed off. There is some nosy old neighbor (I’m going by the handwriting on the note) out there watching my every move making sure I don’t hog the parking spaces. Ugh.

Why couldn’t they just come up to the house and say, “I’m sorry, but could you move your car? I would like to park in front of my house and your car is inconvienently placed.” Maybe if they would have acted like a true neighbor and an adult I wouldn’t be pissed off. Instead, they passive agressively leave a note.

5 thoughts on “>The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

  1. Balloon Pirate

    >I hope you find the person who wrote that note.

    I would suggest parking your car exactly that same way, and leaving a note on your car that says: “If you have a problem with my parking, please come speak to me, or at least leave your name so that we may discuss this.”

    If you want to add something like “Furthermore, it is my most sincere wish that you get a life, you dried up, worthless waste of space and oxygen,” That would be up to you. Just make sure there’s shells in the shotgun.

    And for when you come across someone who truly DOES park like an idiot, here’s a handy little item:



  2. Mateo

    >i dunno, I’m kind of with the neighbors. I HATE IT when people take up multiple spaces when moving two feet up could fit another car. and it’s not like they wrote “move your fucking car” or something, they said please and it was clearly a little old lady who wouldn’t be mean in person.

  3. Nölff

    >Notes. Wow. I’ve they don’t have the guts to tell you directly. Some people will bitch about anything.

  4. Balloon Pirate



    Sorry. Sometimes I’m more pirate than balloon.


  5. SFChick74

    >Had my car been bigger, they wouldn’t have felt obligated to note me. I’m telling you I’ve been discriminated against purely because I refuse to buy a giant vehicle.

    There wasn’t enough room in the space between the two driveways for two cars unless they were both of the compact variety.

    Most people on the street do not have compact vehicles. They are more of the truck/SUV variety.

    I agree about hating when people park and take up two spaces. Moving my car would not have mattered. Besides, it’s not like there wasn’t anywhere else to park on the street, as I’ve stated. They could have parked in front or behind me and blocked their own driveway.

    The thing is that if anyone had been watching my car, they would have known that I wasn’t going to park there much longer. My car is some what noticeable. What with the vanity plate and all. Plus, it’s the only Beetle on the block.

    Busybody old women peeping out through their faded lace curtains would know that I would be leaving come 7:30 Monday morning. I’d done it regularly for the past three weeks. I never parked in a space on the street longer than 2 days.


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