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>I’ve got nothing witty or interesting to say for my 1,000th post. Work and mild depression have been sucking the creativity clean out of me. Mostly, it’s because I’m so busy at work that when I get home not only is my brain fried, but I would rather clean the toilet than get on the computer.

Nothing interesting is going on in Sacramento. Of course, there could be something really interesting going on, but I don’t have the inclination to read the Bee and I have sworn off Good Day Sacramento until one of their two weekend anchors is no longer on the program. She just annoys me.

The other channels have boring real news. I mean who wants to start or end their day with a bunch of death, destruction, and discord?

4 thoughts on “>1,000!

  1. SFChick74

    >Perfect example: I tune in to the CBS Early Show and what is the story? It’s about a little girl of maybe 4 or 5 on a sex tape that the cops found. I’m getting sick just writing about it.


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