Wedding technology: websites, social media & more!

bridal, honeymoon, online, social mediaOh how times have changed…When I was out in the dating pool, most of my friends and family couldn’t comprehend the influence technology had on my love life.  Now that I’m preparing for my wedding, I am overwhelmed with the amount of technology available.

I remember when my sister got married about 10 years ago, she had a three ring binder to organize everything and cut out photos from magazines…Now, we have spreadsheets and pinterest. Did you know Google has a template you can use to organize your entire wedding? Seriously. It’s a little out of control, but then again, so are most weddings.

You can use WedKit to create an iPhone app just for your wedding.

I am using a spreadsheet to track things like who RSVP’d, what else needs to be done, how much stuff is costing…ok, I’m not really doing that last one, but I probably should.

To track ideas for the reception, dresses and hairstyles, I’m using Pinterest. I’ve even thought about hiring someone to live stream the wedding…It’s way too expensive. If we do broadcast the wedding, we will use Google Hangout because you know…it’s free.

We will be using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to share various moments. I’m still trying to come up with a hashtag. At first, I thought I was being unique about having a hashtag for the wedding, but apparently, it’s getting a bit mainstream. That’s not going to stop us from having one though. It has to be reflective of ourselves…not just our names with the word wedding jammed at the end. How about #TwitterLoveWed? I mean since that’s how Paul and I met, it seems appropriate.

And yes, we do have a wedding website. I mean we aren’t going to send out actual invitations to people since we aren’t having that many. I did try out this thing called Capsule. It seems pretty interesting. It’s an easy way for your guests who use instagram to have their photos feed to your wedding website. Of course, it’s a way for them to get your photos and then sell them back to you in a book.

Then there is our registry…the honeymoon registry that you can only access online.

Can you imagine what will be available in the next 10 years?  Maybe people can hire robots to do everything for them…and all they would need is some medicine from old people for fuel.

Organizing isn’t just for crazy people, right?

Can you hire someone to organize the stuff in your house? I mean you can hire someone to coach you through life, can I hire someone to help me put stuff away? Not only that, but get rid of stuff too?

It’s not that I have an emotional attachment to most of the crap I own, it’s just that I have better things to do than purge and organize. I bring this up because Paul and I are moving into a new apartment and I’m wondering where I’m going to put all of the stuff I’ve been storing for the past two years. Do I even really need most of it? Probably not.

I try not to look at the way magazines and Martha Stewart organize things. None of that is reality. It’s possibly drug fueled fantasy or photoshopped color coordination, but it’s certainly not real for normal humans.

Reality is the clutter in the corners and the closet.

I Google “Organize my stuff” and quite a few unhelpful websites and blogs show up in the results. They tell me to buy bins, but not ones too big or too small. Oh, thanks Mr. Vague.

I’m tired of all these cutesy photos. I’m not going to put my pens in an old creamer that matches the color of the pens. I need to know how to deal with my shoes that doesn’t involve hanging them on the back of a door and what to do about all the damn toiletries in my hall closet. Speaking of closets…I’d like to not be embarrassed by them anymore…nor my “pantry” and no that’s not a euphemism. My pantry has always just been a few shelves in a cupboard in my kitchen. I’m using the term loosely.

I might be tall, but I’m not 6′ 3″ like Paul and I’m too lazy to pull out the step ladder (which also scares me a little) to see what’s sitting at the top of my kitchen cupboards.

I think part of the problem is that I haven’t really had a place of my own for about 2 years. Maybe I should take this as an opportunity to finally create an organizational paradigm for my life.

Man caves…can we just stop?

WoodYou know why I hate this term? The implication is that men are not as in charge of the things in the house as women. It also lends an air of a “clubhouse” where women are not welcome.

When, why, and how did this crap start? I know men used to have a den. I have no idea what went into those rooms. I think they might have been where TVs were kept in the 50s or smoking jackets were worn. Now it seems to be a place akin to a sports bar. Hello? I do enjoy a good sports bar! Who wouldn’t want a room with a fully stocked bar in it?

The thing is that modern couples shouldn’t need this weird separation of rooms. Granted it might be OK to divide up the home evenly and assign someone in charge of them, but men are just as capable in the kitchen and laundry room as women. I’m sick and tired of the media and commercials pushing this outdated notion that men are completely lost when it comes to domestic stuff.

I am completely lost when it comes to domestic stuff. Where’s my woman cave? Wait…don’t answer that.

Personally, I freak out about decorating rooms. First of all, I’m cheap. Yes, DIY, second hand, I know. I forget about that stuff. But, second of all, I get overwhelmed. What is my style? Comfortable, I guess. I like colors. Can someone please just teach me where to start??

By the way, I’m kind of messy. Well, I guess disorganized is more like it. I have more important things to do, you know like tweeting, blogging and overcoming my addiction to Candy Crush Saga. But I do like to rearrange furniture every now and again. Can someone also show me how to get organized??

And if men are going to have rooms of their own, where is my room and my fancy name for it? Don’t we all need an oasis? Don’t we all need an escape? I feel like I’m quoting song lyrics now.

If you are single guy and you call your entire home a man cave, that’s fine. Back in the day, they called it a bachelor pad and it wasn’t necessarily tricked out to trick women into bed. That’s just in the movies. It was just male-centric.

You know what would be great? A TV show that shows you how to decorate on a budget, that isn’t a competition or in a hurry and covers the basics of how to begin. Didn’t HGTV used to have stuff like that?

Relationship Milestone: Furniture shopping

furniture, living room, family room, shoppingI have a love/hate relationship with furniture shopping. On the one hand, I love having new items decorating my home. On the other, I’m cheap.

This past weekend, Paul and I went shopping for furniture for our new home. Oddly enough, it was actually pleasant. We seem to be on the same page about the important furniture issues, value, seating number, cuddle wedges or cuddlers

It’s not simply a matter of which material do we like, it’s more like do I want to be able to rearrange a couch, love seat and chair for $999 or just throw a sectional in the corner for $999?  Paul just wants to be able to sit and of course, for me to be happy. (Go ahead and barf at that sweetness…)

furniture, living room, family room, shoppingThen of course there is the bed issue. This can be a bit of a problem. Paul likes soft beds while I prefer firm ones. Seriously, I cannot deal with a bed in which I sink and can’t roll over without grunting like I’m trying to encourage a bowel movement.  Too much?  Fortunately, there is a compromise available.

One funny thing, I had to control myself while testing the couches. Whenever I sat down next to Paul, I wanted to lean over and kiss him.  While lying on the beds, I had no temptation. Probably because I felt self conscious about my double chin while talking to the sales lady.

Paul was very patient. We only went to three stores, but trying to logically solve the furniture equation without going bankrupt can be well…trying. Luckily, he is a little more liberal with our budget than I am.  I’d prefer to pay $100 for a couch, but then it will last like a $100 couch.

Either way, we didn’t have an argument. We shouldn’t.  We are still in the honeymoon phase of the relationship.  How long does that phase last? A year? Two?  Regardless, furniture shopping can show you true colors. Did he get bored quickly? Did she get annoyed at his taste? Did we act like adults?


Beauty Product Storage: How do you organize it?

Since I’mbeauty products, storage, organization still settling into my new place, one of the challenges I face has to do with my beauty products.  About a year and a half ago, I bought this organizer at Target.  It was great for splitting up my numerous products. Plus it was easy to carry from one room to another since I wasn’t living in my own place.  I had to figure out a way to consolidate and still have access to the stuff that made me pretty…or at least feel pretty.

foundation, eye serum, sunblock

The first layer is moisturizer and foundation. Yes, I love Olay products.  My mom uses them, which is why I tried them.  They always smelled so good.  Now, I use them because they work and don’t irritate my skin.  I’ve tried other products, but always end up going back to Olay.

The 2nd layer is supposed to be my everyday makeup, but as you can probably see (or not) a few fun/night on the town type make up items have made their way up a layer.

fun makeup

The 3rd layer is supposed to be the glittery, glam makeup that I only wear on special occasions or because it’s Friday night. Sephora and NARS are my favorite brands.  NARS because the color in the container is true to what ends up on my face and Sephora for the same reasons, but mostly because it’s significantly cheaper than NARS.

As I was taking these pictures, I realize that I need to purge this stuff…as well as just generally clean the silly thing.  While I do like this method of organization, the snaps on this plastic tackle box are starting to wear, so I’m going to have to start looking for an alternative soon.