Relationship Milestone: Furniture shopping

furniture, living room, family room, shoppingI have a love/hate relationship with furniture shopping. On the one hand, I love having new items decorating my home. On the other, I’m cheap.

This past weekend, Paul and I went shopping for furniture for our new home. Oddly enough, it was actually pleasant. We seem to be on the same page about the important furniture issues, value, seating number, cuddle wedges or cuddlers

It’s not simply a matter of which material do we like, it’s more like do I want to be able to rearrange a couch, love seat and chair for $999 or just throw a sectional in the corner for $999?  Paul just wants to be able to sit and of course, for me to be happy. (Go ahead and barf at that sweetness…)

furniture, living room, family room, shoppingThen of course there is the bed issue. This can be a bit of a problem. Paul likes soft beds while I prefer firm ones. Seriously, I cannot deal with a bed in which I sink and can’t roll over without grunting like I’m trying to encourage a bowel movement.  Too much?  Fortunately, there is a compromise available.

One funny thing, I had to control myself while testing the couches. Whenever I sat down next to Paul, I wanted to lean over and kiss him.  While lying on the beds, I had no temptation. Probably because I felt self conscious about my double chin while talking to the sales lady.

Paul was very patient. We only went to three stores, but trying to logically solve the furniture equation without going bankrupt can be well…trying. Luckily, he is a little more liberal with our budget than I am.  I’d prefer to pay $100 for a couch, but then it will last like a $100 couch.

Either way, we didn’t have an argument. We shouldn’t.  We are still in the honeymoon phase of the relationship.  How long does that phase last? A year? Two?  Regardless, furniture shopping can show you true colors. Did he get bored quickly? Did she get annoyed at his taste? Did we act like adults?


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