Super Bowl Shufflin’

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Tower of cups & prop sheetsThe best place to watch the Super Bowl is in Las Vegas. The crowd is mostly men, so single ladies, you might want to check it out. Of course, you have to be able to stomach football, but there’s so much booze in Las Vegas that you should be able to handle it.

Plus there’s tons of other things to do in Vegas, shows, shopping, fine dining, people watching… Again, it makes it more enjoyable if you actually know a little about football. My dad loves the sport (most sports actually), so I have been saturated with it since I was a child.

Heck I remember when the 49ers won in the 80s. Well, I remember a bunch of people coming over to my parents’ house. Everyone was wearing red and there was lots of food.

But, as an adult, going to see the Super Bowl in Las Vegas is like one giant party. Most of the people there are grown ups. The douchebag ratio is fairly low. Granted, it’s not cheap, but odds are you can drink as much as you want and won’t get a DUI. There are cabs everywhere and most of the Strip is walkable. You don’t need to drive.

This year, I’ll be local and likely live tweeting while drinking lots of wine. Of course there will also be lots of snacks.  Super Bowl snacks are usually the best.

Why am I not going? I have to save up my money for my move to Minnesota. That will be better than any trip to Vegas I’ve ever had.

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