Top 5 things I love about Christmas

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Top5Christmas-2103What makes this Yuletide time of year so special? Below are the five things I enjoy…in no particular order.

1) Christmas specials – While I’m not a big fan of Frosty or The Grinch, I do enjoy a Charlie Brown Christmas.  One of the more obscure holiday TV specials I enjoy is the Claymation Christmas special.  It came out back in the late 80s when the California Raisins were a huge marketing hit. The Carol of the Bells bit is my favorite.  I mean Quasimodo is the conductor.

2) Baked goods – While candy at Halloween is nice, my heart will always belong to baked goods. Every year, I make a special batch of cookies to share at Christmastime. For the past few years, my nephew has been in attendance to help.  Usually, his help consists of decorating the sugar cookies.  I think this year, since he’s 7, I might try to convince him to actually help stir up some dough.

3) Cheer – This is what I like to call get-togethers.  I know you don’t really need a reason to hang out with friends and loved ones, but the Yuletide season is a great excuse to down some fancy drinks and have a few laughs.  This is what I really enjoy about the holiday season. I can do without the gifts, but I need to gather with loved ones.

4) Decorations – I love to see people’s homes bedecked in lights. Even the smallest effort is appreciated.  It seems to make that Christmasy energy grow. Living here in Minnesota, it’s even more fun to see a tree covered in snow and lights. Sometimes it’s like looking at a greeting card or a photo on Pinterest. Then of course, there’s the interior decorations.  I love nothing more than to sit in a room lit only by the Christmas tree. It makes me feel cozy and happy.

5) Christmas music – I swear I have heard at least 5 different versions of Baby It’s Cold Outside over the past week.  Why this song is being played so much is beyond me…although, it has been VERY cold outside.  Regardless, Christmas music definitely helps get me in the festive spirit.  I’m not sure what my favorite Christmas song is because it seems to change with my mood.  I do enjoy listening to Nat King Cole sing pretty much anything.  Also, Sleigh Ride, the instrumental version and Christmas Time is Here are always high on my to listen list.

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