Holiday Cocktail Recipe: Warm Woody

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WarmWoodyBeverageThis is a very simple hot beverage that is popular at a restaurant up in Lake Tahoe, Riva Grill.  It’s called a “Warm Woody” probably because their other popular cocktail is called a “Wet Woody”.  It has to do with wooden boats or something.  The Wet Woody is a blended beverage chock full of rum.  The Warm Woody is a three ingredient hot drink. Well, four if you include the whip cream…and of course, I do.

I’d link to their website, but it automatically plays music when you go there, so I can’t condone that.


Baileys Irish Cream
Hot cocoa
Whipped cream

If you’re lucky enough to have a Keurig, you can make these one at a time. Just dump a packet of instant hot cocoa into a mug. Put your favorite coffee in the Keurig and brew it right into the hot cocoa.  Add Baileys to taste and stir.  Garnish with whipped cream.

So yummy!!

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