Still frustrated after all these years…a new name, same old blog.


It took a month, but I finally moved my blog to a new domain.  Yes, tears of frustration were shed. I almost lost all my posts…twice. Paul was wonderful and helped me out immensely.  In the end, my old blog is now free of posts. Not because I planned it that way, but because I give up trying Yes, I’m aware that all of the SEO I built up over the past 10 years is gone, but honestly, I doubt it was that good anyway.

Why did I move?  It was time for a rebrand. I’ve outgrown the frustration.  OK, not completely, but I think my writing has grown beyond just ranting and raving at the stupidity in the world.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s plenty of stupidity in the world and I will still be confused and frustrated by it.  But, I like the freedom to write about whatever the hell I feel like…

Plus, I’d really like to focus on having my writing make money for me, so I’m going to get serious about the advice I learned from attending the Bloggy Boot Camp in October.

Regardless, thank you to the five people who have read my blog over the past few years and the past few days.  I honestly forget about you when I write, but I do appreciate it when you read.  I’ll keep writing in the same manner to which you’ve grown accustomed…for now.

4 thoughts on “Still frustrated after all these years…a new name, same old blog.

  1. Crystal Green

    I am so glad you linked up on SITS Facebook line up today. I am a huge fan of writing about whatever comes to mind. I definitely can’t imagine starting over pretty much after ten years of blogging somewhere else.
    I’ve thought about selling my current blog though and starting fresh several times in the past couple of months though. However, every time I do, I end up getting blessed with something else that keeps me right where I am. So, I’m going to redesign it some in January and see if that makes me happy!
    I look forward to getting to know you throughout 2014.


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