>Home sweet home

>Today I spent the day in my old hometown. Initially, I was just supposed to visit an old friend, but ended up having lunch at my grandparents’ house.

It was funny because I’d never been to my friend’s house before and wasn’t even sure I had the right place when I got there. When no one answered and I couldn’t hear anyone inside, a myriad of scenarios ran through my brain. Of course, the first few were irrational. “It seems really quiet in there. Maybe she’s hiding in the house and doesn’t want to see me. Am I at the right house? Maybe she mixed up the house numbers in the email and I’m annoying some stranger with a shotgun and an itchy trigger finger.”

Then my ego-centric “she hates me like everyone else” thoughts moved into, “I hope nothing bad happened! What if she’s unconscious in there and alone?!?”

Then rationality settled in. I left a note (because I didn’t have her phone number) and decided to pay a visit to my grandparents house on the other side of town.

I was ready to settle into their cozy living room for an afternoon of football and was half way through a glass of box wine when my friend called apologizing for her “mommy brain” forgetfulness. She was sincere and I was glad that I hadn’t let my psycho “everyone hates me” thoughts take over and put me in a bad mood.

I made a good choice by not wasting the opportunity for a visit. Her house was a profusion of Matchbox cars and Caillou, capped off by a crackling fireplace. It felt happy. Never did we have an awkward moment of silence, there was so much to catch up on. Over 15 years had passed, but we comfortably settled back into our friendship. I could have stayed there all night chatting and laughing.

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>Home Sweet Home

The best thing about traveling is coming home. I went to New Hampshire to visit some relatives last week. I had a good time, but I missed sleeping in my own bed.

I flew into Manchester last week and had the ride of my life. Our plane was a little late in Atlanta. So instead of landing ahead of a storm, we tried to land in it. We got to about 500 feet, hit some wind shear and had to abort the landing. We ended up having to land somewhere in Maine. The guy in the seat next to me said, “Well, it’s better than traveling in a covered wagon.”

Eventually, Delta got us back to New Hampshire. The rain had finally cleared, but the winds were still on the fierce side. I knew it was going to be cold, but nothing could prepare me for the Artic blast that nearly knocked me over as I came out of the airport. No wonder everyone drinks hard liquor in New England. They are trying to stay warm.

The next day my family took me to their cabin up in northern New Hampshire a few miles from the Canadian border. When we got there the temperature was 4 degrees below zero. The winds were still whipping around through the trees, so who knows what the wind chill was at.

All I know is that I truly appreciate living in California. As bad as our weather can get, it’s NOTHING like the crap people deal with in the rest of the country. I’ll take that 100 degrees in the summer over the subfreezing winter temps any day.

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  1. >Welcome back to California!Glad, Delta was able to get You there and back in one piece.Only thing I like about Atlanta airport is the smoking area,though recently it seems that the exhaust air system is not working well,no need to light -up,just breathe deeply

  2. >Welcome back. Always nice to come home after a holiday and be able to sleep in your own bed. Holidays = always great. Sleeping in your own bed = priceless 🙂

  3. >If the weather was better, I would enjoy New Hampshire a little more. The people are great and I know the scenery is beautiful in other months. Maybe I should visit again in the summertime.

    I think Delta is about to go tits up. The planes were definitely on the older side.

  4. >You talk so calmly about your airplane aborted landing experience… I would be a screaming mimi by the time I landed anywhere. Glad you had a good time on your freezing visit…

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>Home Sweet Home

>This past weekend, my sister was seriously talking about having a baby. That freaked me out a little bit. She’s two years younger than me. I think she’s too young to have kids. I really believe people should wait until they are in their 30s to have kids. People live a hell of a long time now. Why start having kids when life has just begun?

I think my mom has been putting ideas in her head. I thought my sister wanted to get her career as a dental hygienist going before she started a family. She’s almost there. She has two more years of school to go before she gets her certificate or degree or whatever.

I also think my sister is getting a little jealous of some of her friends. It seems like she is going to a baby shower every other month. I hate baby showers. I don’t like babies very much, so why should I go? I only go to family baby showers since my absence will result in my shunning from all other family gatherings.

Don’t get me wrong, someday I would like to have a family of my own. Right now, I am too scared to go down that path. Let me start with a husband, test him out for a few years, and then see if I am tempted to purposely put myself through the hell that is pregnancy and child birth.

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  1. >I have two kids – way, way apart in years (one close to graduating from highschool, the other starts K next year).

    On thing about your sister’s jealousy – there is a practical side to it. If you have a bunch of friends who have kids, and you’re going to have kids, having the kids’ ages be close enough to play together is a HUGE benefit. It saves you a ton of work when you can trade kids back and forth for play time. Believe it or not, 2 kids can be a lot easier to deal with than one.

    So, if she’s considering having kids, having them “with her friends” has a lot to be said for it. That said, I would still advise her to give up that bennie and stay in school – rarely do people make it back once they quit. Even more rare is the person that doesn’t regret it later.

  2. >I do need to talk to my sister about this. I was thinking about it and she really should just finish school. She’s stressed out when she just has a job. Stress rises exponentially when you go to school and work. Add a kid into the mix and you would have to be a saint to keep your sanity.

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