>I’m mad as hell!

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>If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s these guys who make computer viruses. What is the fucking point? How sexually repressed and bored can you be? Seriously, seek some fucking help. Now these fuckers are infecting cell phones?

I enjoy this quote, “Symbian, a company whose cell phone operating system is susceptible, said Vallez’s motive was likely to gain kudos.”

KUDOS? I’ll give you some fucking kudos you waste of space. Why don’t you go out and hire a hooker instead of pissing people off? I have enough shit to worry about in this world without being annoyed by the likes of this idiot.

What pisses me off even more, is that these guys could be using their intelligence to do something worthwhile for society and mankind, but no, they didn’t get hugged enough as a kid, or someone stole their cookie at recess. Please…we all have fears and issues to overcome, but most of us do so without pissing people off on a GLOBAL scale.

On a related note, look at this article.

Paris Hilton is a socialite not a social light. What the hell is that? And who is Powell? And is that her that is quoted in this article? They have some great copy editors in Utah, I see.

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