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>I really don’t know what is wrong with the music today. I thought with all the repression going on by the conservatives would make music get better, but it seems to be making it worse. I’m not looking for music that will enlighten my soul, but I am looking for something I can rock out to. I am looking for something that is catchy and fun. I am looking for something a little gritty, something a bit cathartic.

The pop music just sucks right now. It’s all this bland drivel sung by people who fit the Johnny Bravo jacket. They have the look and no one really cares if they have any actual talent, singing or otherwise musical. It’s boring, conservative music that makes my skin crawl.

Then we have hip hop. Dangerously lame hip hop. Or for those suburban white kids to whom the genre has been marketed, gangsta rap. Call it by any name; it all sounds the same. It’s mindless noise that will fade into obscurity over the next decade when it’s replaced by newer, younger, “edgier” noise. Rap and hip hop used to have a message. It used to be a voice of rebellion, a voice of change. Now it’s just more noise in the cacophony on the radio.

Two things these genres have in common are that the so called artists performing the music play no instruments and can barely carry a tune. I know the pop music from the 80s wasn’t genius, but at least it was good. I enjoy listening to music from the 60s when my mom was a teenager. I enjoy listening to music from the 70s. I even like some pop from the 90s, but that’s when music really started going down hill.

Granted there are a few actual BANDS here and there who not only play their own instruments, but also make good music. Enter Silvertide. That’s the only new band I can think of right now that is known on a national scale. You can’t really say Velvet Revolver because they are really a concoction of two already famous groups. Don’t talk to me about the likes of Nickelback or Hoobastank. All those bands, while they do play their own instruments are merely playing a version of the bland pop so prevalent on the radio these days.

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