Take me out…to the ballgame

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Baseball, TwinsA week and a half ago, I went to my first Twins Game.  I love baseball.  Going to a game is also a pretty great date.  Why?  It’s a great combination of factors.

It has sports which most men (and some women like me) enjoy. It’s usually outside, so you get fresh air and sunshine (unless it rains or you live near an indoor stadium). There is booze. There is food. There is people watching and souvenirs. Need I go on?

Baseball is slow, which is good.  You don’t have to watch every single moment of it.  You can chat with your date and not feel like you’ve missed something crucial.  Pay attention, but be leisurely about it.You can chat with the strangers around you. Baseball is the common topic from which conversation and a sense of connection can spring.

Baseball has such a rich and interesting history.  The men of old who achieved feats of athleticism (based on boozetalent not chemistry), the designated hitter, the games you went to as a kid…Plus it has a ton of random statistics (some of which seem ridiculous to me) and movie connections.

Hint: If you get bored, there’s always social media to pass the time… Honestly though, I doubt you’ll need it, but it is fun to get another badge from Foursquare.

It’s the great American pastime. Why wouldn’t it be a good date?

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