Want something “free” for your birthday?

free stuff, coupons, email lists, rewards, patronageI’m not a huge coupon-er.  I want to be, but I’m just not that organized.  A few years ago, however, a friend of mine mentioned how he was getting freebies on his birthday.  Since his birthday is two days before mine, I got excited and did a little research.  Thank you, Google.

I found a few sites that link to various restaurants and other retailers that give you free stuff for your birthday. See below for links.  Since I moved to a new area this year, there were new retailers to sign up for and from whom to get a little something.  This year, I got about $60 worth of food.  I got more coupons than I could use, of course. Here are a few tips on what to do if you want some freebies too:

  1. Have an email address specifically for these coupons.  If you don’t, your regular email address will be inundated throughout the year because you are signing up on email lists in order to get said freebies.
  2. Nine times out of 10, you will get a freebie just for signing up.  Sometimes this is better than what you get for your birthday.
  3. Take a few days to sign up.  You’ll notice that the lists are huge. Don’t attempt to do it all in one sitting or you’ll go cross-eyed.  Maybe not, but it’s tiring nonetheless.
  4. Note locations.  Some places make you choose your “local” restaurant and the coupon is only good there.
  5. Note the expiration dates.  About a week or so before your birthday you will start getting these emails.  Some of them only give you 14 days to use them. Some of them give you a full month.
  6. Note viewing restrictions.  Some emails can only be viewed two or three times and then no more.  So, print out the coupon as soon as you view it.

Most places hand out dessert.  I did get a free meal from a few places though.  Some were just buy one get one, which is better than dessert if you ask me.

One non-food discount I received was from Kimpton Hotels.  You have to sign up for their rewards program, but you get 20% off a weekend stay (during your birthday month), two glasses of champagne, dessert, and a surprise. I was tempted to do it, but decided to be frugal.

Links to freebie lists (there will be duplicates):

Last hint: These lists are pretty good, but there are probably a few places you frequent that aren’t on them.  Do your own research to see if those retailers have clubs or email lists.

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