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coins, changeMaybe I’m just a fuddy-duddy, but I don’t “get” the whole “crowd funding” thing. OK, I can understand if you are a starving artist and you are trying to create your art.  I’ll give you money because then I’ll feel like a rich patron of yore. And I love various forms of art, musical, visual and written.

But sometimes I wonder if many people just have their hands out to see if anyone will give them money.  I’m tempted to start one of these crowd funds with a clever name and description that sounds important and exciting, but is really just you giving me money so I can be a slacker.

But, if I have to work at people giving me money for what is essentially no good reason, isn’t that the opposite of being a slacker?  Would I just be a salesperson then? A really good one, I mean.  I’m not saying that being a salesperson is a bad thing.  I applaud people who can work in sales. It’s not easy and there is a talent to it. I’m trying to make an ironic point and seem to have failed.

Honestly though, how much worse would it be to give money to someone who just wants to write and drink wine compared to those organizations who portray themselves as non-profits who help the less fortunate or work towards disease eradication, but ultimately give very little of their income to said causes? At least those people would be honest.

I’ve seen people hand over their hard earned money for RIDICULOUS reasons. Cat breakfast anyone?  Dog food chefs? Giving money to keep a pro sports team in town while your roads have giant potholes in them? the Pet Rock?!?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, how can I get these people to give me their money instead? I do have this bridge in Brooklyn for sale…

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