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Bling It On! With Hpnotiq: Submit Your Glammest Makeup To Win A Beauty Gift Certificate

Ah glam… it’s fun and fabulous.  If you love it like I do, from now until July 28th2013, Hpnotiq wants you to show them how you GLAM LOUDER to win fab prizes! During the remaining 2-week challenges you can submit photos in different categories to win – including the glammest makeup and overall look. Entries can be pictures you snap… Read more »

A clotheshorse I am not

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This week I face the daunting task of sorting through every article of clothing I own and deciding its fate.  Granted, this will not be as painful as it would have been six months ago since I have purged quite a bit, but it’s still not that much fun. Actually, it is and it isn’t.  It’s nice to throw out… Read more »

You want me to put that where?

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Because I’m totally random, while moving my bedroom furniture from one room to the next,  I thought, “Why do I put my clothes in a specific drawer in my dresser?” As you can see from the below diagram, I have special places for my clothes that don’t hang in the closet: Am I the only one who does this?  I… Read more »

I’m a wedding guest and I need a fabulous dress!

It’s wedding season. Wait, how come weddings have a season? That just seems odd. Why is summertime more apt to be when people get married? Personally, I like the fall better than the summer. The weather is nicer, at least in California, plus I hate the heat. Sweating when I’m just standing around somewhere pisses me off. Sweating in a… Read more »

>Relationships are funny, sometimes.

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> There are certain forms of comedy that are just tired. The whole “take my wife, please” stuff was funny 50 years ago, but hasn’t been since. Women do that stuff too about their husbands/boyfriends. It’s frustrating to someone who is single to hear a married/non-single complain about their significant other in a general way. If they are that awful,… Read more »

>Breaking up with your purse

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> Today I realized that purses are metaphors for relationships. There’s not a woman around who has had a purse and thought, “I really hate this thing.” Back when you bought the purse though, you were excited about it. The newness, the novelty, the utility! Then you started using it and it was great for a while, but as your… Read more »

>Of nail polish and physics

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> Oh So Glam! by OPI I learned something about the universe today. Time is relative, but if you want it to stop, wait for your nails to dry. Seriously. In the area around my fingernails time has completely stopped. Whatever molecular reactions are supposed to happen in order for the polish to dry, it doesn’t happen on my nails…. Read more »