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Oh So Glam! by OPI

I learned something about the universe today. Time is relative, but if you want it to stop, wait for your nails to dry.

Seriously. In the area around my fingernails time has completely stopped. Whatever molecular reactions are supposed to happen in order for the polish to dry, it doesn’t happen on my nails. Well, maybe it does, but my impatience obviously slows the process down.

Yes, I know it’s pretty much evaporation. Thanks, Einstein.

And I also know there is quick dry top coat, but I’m of a mind that it doesn’t keep my manicure looking pretty longer than a day. Sometimes patience is needed for beauty.

Example: My last manicure endured for 7 chip-free days. It could have been a fluke. I’ll report back next week if this polish is hardy. I know you are on the edge of your seat about the mundane activities in my life.

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