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>Footloose, kick off your Sunday shoes

> Entry #1167 Why are women obsessed with shoes? I noticed a tweet from @SingleCityGuy pondering the above mystery. Let me enlighten you. First of all, let’s be fair. Not all women are obsessed with shoes…just like not all guys are obsessed with sports. Hello, Birkenstocks, anyone? The answer is that shoes can alter a woman’s mood, so we get… Read more »

>What’s that doing in there?

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> Entry # 735 Why do you have so much stuff in your purse? Because I’m tired of being uncomfortable. Here’s something you may not know. Being a woman is mostly uncomfortable. The clothes we wear never fit right. The makeup we put on is irritating and likes to move around of its own volition. And then of course, there… Read more »

>I got a meetin’ the the ladies room…

>In the endless F.A.Q. men have about women, I thought I’d start answering one of those questions tonight. Entry #956Why do women go to the bathroom in groups or pairs? Why most seem to think it’s because we want to chat amongst ourselves, the real answer is that someone needs to be primary through the restroom door. I prefer to… Read more »