>I got a meetin’ the the ladies room…

>In the endless F.A.Q. men have about women, I thought I’d start answering one of those questions tonight.

Entry #956
Why do women go to the bathroom in groups or pairs?

Why most seem to think it’s because we want to chat amongst ourselves, the real answer is that someone needs to be primary through the restroom door. I prefer to kick it open since the handle usually is germ filled.

All kidding aside, safety is the simple answer.

Men don’t understand that as a woman I’m pretty much afraid for my safety all the time. Sure, I could carry a gun, but I’m kinda clumsy so that’s not really a good option. I would say that most women feel this way, so we go to the restroom because there is safety in numbers. While we might not be physically strong, at least there would be someone to run and get help or at the very least throw a high heeled shoe at the predator. Ugh, did I just write that? Please feel free to cringe.

Regardless, even the nicest of restaurants can have sickos hiding in the ladies room, lying in wait to do something nefarious.

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