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Why are women obsessed with shoes?

I noticed a tweet from @SingleCityGuy pondering the above mystery. Let me enlighten you. First of all, let’s be fair. Not all women are obsessed with shoes…just like not all guys are obsessed with sports. Hello, Birkenstocks, anyone?

The answer is that shoes can alter a woman’s mood, so we get addicted. A pair of shoes can make me feel sexy or cranky. How many times have I complimented a gal on her shoes? DOZENS nay HUNDREDS. Ok, maybe not hundreds, but I’m not shy with a compliment about an accessory. Although, shoes aren’t really an accessory. You can leave the house without a scarf and no one will notice. Walk around barefoot and it might be difficult to get a hamburger or two.

Not really good for a date

A comfortable pair of shoes will help get you through the day, but a cute pair of shoes might get you a second date. Crap! I just realized my problem. I need new shoes.

Now, I’m only mildly fanatical about shoes. Mostly because I’m cheap and I don’t have anywhere to keep Imelda Marcos ‘ collection. Plus, the great thing about buying cheap shoes? You always get to buy new ones guilt free. If the old ones fall apart… time to go shopping! I can happily spend two hours perusing the aisles of Broadway Shoes and not even notice the time fly by.

The thought of spending $500 on a pair of shoes rocks the very core of the Scottish part of my blood. They would have to last for the rest of my life in order for the cost to be rationalized. In fact, I might even get pissed off if someone gave me such an extravagant gift. I would take it, but angrily of course.

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