>What’s that doing in there?

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Why do you have so much stuff in your purse?

Because I’m tired of being uncomfortable. Here’s something you may not know. Being a woman is mostly uncomfortable. The clothes we wear never fit right. The makeup we put on is irritating and likes to move around of its own volition. And then of course, there is the whole physicality of being a woman, which I don’t need to go into. Besides that, there is almost always something aching, irritated or sore. So, there is more than just feminine products in our purses, pocketbooks, and bags to help us maintain a level of comfort. There is lip balm, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, Band-Aids, mints, aspirin, and sometimes even a bottle of water.

Of course some of us get into a bad habit of trying to be more prepared than a Boy Scout. In my purse right now, not the one pictured obviously, there is a car charger for my iPhone, a mini stapler, a roll of masking tape, and a granola bar. Seriously, I cannot even remember why I put a roll of masking tape in my purse. Sometimes a purse just accumulates random stuff through the course of a gal’s life. We put something in there to bring over to someone’s house, because we are tired of wearing those damn earrings, or  someone asked us to hold their mittens, and we forget to take it out for about three days…if we are lucky.

3 thoughts on “>What’s that doing in there?

  1. Margaret (Nanny Goats)

    >And this is exactly why I carry a small purse – so that I don't start treating it like a garbage disposal. It forces me to minimalize. Of course I'm constantly frustrated because I can never fit everything I want to.

    I didn't say it was a good solution.

  2. Ms. Chick

    >I try to carry a wristlet on the weekends or if I'm going out, I try to carry a smaller purse like the one pictured. During the week though, I seem to stay in the habit of carrying around a bunch of stuff that I never use, but have convinced myself I might need…

  3. Jaxmom

    >Very funny. Thanks for the chuckle. I used to carry a small purse, but now that I wear glasses, I have to have a purse big enough to hold my glasses when I'm wearing my (prescription) sunglasses and vice versa. I'm blessed that I have a husband who's willing and able to carry his own stuff and doesn't ask me to carry his. When you have a child, however, the rules change. Not only do you have a bigger purse, but you have to carry an EXTRA purse for all the baby paraphernalia. Men don't realize how easy they have it. 😉


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