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You can’t road trip without a vehicle.

This spring, I went on the road trip of a lifetime.  I packed up my 10 year old car, my new boyfriend, as much stuff as would fit in said vehicle and moved my life to Minnesota from California.  Sadly, it was not the breezy trip along the freeway I had imagined.  Through a blizzard in Wyoming, I worried that… Read more »

Home Hunting: What’s important to you?

My next adventure? Looking for a new place to live with Paul.  The apartment we have now is fine, but we want a little more room for visitors.  I’ve been through this chore, but never with a significant other.  I have to remember to ask him what he thinks about a place. But there are a few things everyone should… Read more »

A Californian Wine Tastes in Minnesota

Last weekend, Paul took me to some wineries in Minnesota for my birthday. Yes, friends, there are wineries in Minnesota.  I have heard locals speak of such places with condescension in their voices.  Personally, I am open to wineries anywhere in the United States or the countries in Europe I would visit.  I try not to be a wine snob. … Read more »

Wine Online

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It’s no secret that I love wine. Now that I’m living in Minnesota, I realize that I took California and it’s awesome wine for granted. It was easily available everywhere.  OK, not everywhere, but it was more accessible. I just had to drive down to the grocery store to grab a cheap bottle for the night or I could take… Read more »

What I Miss: Tacos

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Can someone recommend a place in the Twin Cities with good street tacos? I’m picky about my Mexican food. Most places in California just had OK Mexican food. There was a lot of lard, too much most of the time and that made the food tasteless. My favorite tacos are simple. Soft tortillas, preferably corn, meat, onions and a light… Read more »

Minnesota: Signs that Confuse Me

One day when I was at the Mall of America, I saw this sign about not bringing guns into said shopping center: My initial reaction was one of “well duh!”  Then when I saw the sign at a few other places including the Minnesota Children’s Museum, I began to wonder what specifically would cause so many businesses to put such… Read more »

Sightseeing in the Twin Cities: Downtown St. Paul

One of the many sights to see in the Twin Cities are the Peanuts statues.  Since the statues were released between 2000 and 2004, many of them were auctioned off.  Some stayed in the Twin Cities area.  Paul and I are on a mission to find as many as we can.  Just an FYI, there are apparently a bunch in… Read more »