What I Miss: Tacos

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Street tacosCan someone recommend a place in the Twin Cities with good street tacos? I’m picky about my Mexican food. Most places in California just had OK Mexican food. There was a lot of lard, too much most of the time and that made the food tasteless.

My favorite tacos are simple. Soft tortillas, preferably corn, meat, onions and a light smattering of cilantro. That’s it. No guacamole, no beans, no sour cream, no lettuce. By the way, if you add beans and rice to the inside of a taco, it becomes a burrito.

The rice and beans on the side were almost always eschewed. Not because I don’t like them but because they just weren’t tasty. There was one place in Sacramento that had pretty good cilantro rice, but I never found decent beans. Although, I like the ones from a can at home because I can doctor them up as needed and make sure they are fat free.

So, back to my original question, can I find good street tacos here or will I have to wait until I visit California again?

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