Minnesota: Signs that Confuse Me

One day when I was at the Mall of America, I saw this sign about not bringing guns into said shopping center:

No guns allowed at Mall of America

My initial reaction was one of “well duh!”  Then when I saw the sign at a few other places including the Minnesota Children’s Museum, I began to wonder what specifically would cause so many businesses to put such seemingly ridiculous signage up all over the state.

No guns allowed at the Minnesota Children's Museum

Then today, I got a Deal Chicken deal for half off of a conceal and carry class.

Seriously, what the hell, Minnesota?

I’m not anti-gun.  I’m just confused.  In California, people don’t carry concealed weapons into places of business as a regular course of action.  I laugh at the sign in the airport that says you can’t bring weapons on board airplanes. (No shit, Sherlock.) Now, I can understand carrying a pistol if you live out in the sticks where bears and/or wolves might be a constant threat to your safety, but here in the Twin Cities metro area?  Um. No.

People who carry guns with them at all times and aren’t law enforcement are likely Texans in my mind.  I never would have expected Minnesota nice to be packing heat too.  Maybe that’s why they’re so nice? They live by the mantra set forth by Dalton in Roadhouse? “I want you to be nice until it’s time to not be nice.”

I’m also a little alarmed at discounted gun safety classes.  Gun safety is nothing to take lightly.  In fact, I would hope 99% of said class is teaching people how to be safe. I mean I’m already freaked out by people driving cars and how unsafe the majority of them are.  I worry about the same people also handling weapons without enough training.

So, you might still be wondering…why the signs?  Apparently, it’s part of the law.  You can carry your concealed weapon (with a permit of course) to almost any business unless said business puts up a sign banning guns from its premises.

2 thoughts on “Minnesota: Signs that Confuse Me

  1. susan

    there is a bank on Nicollette Mall that has a sign: no hats, no hoodies, and no guns. it has been there for at least 5 years now. there is also a sign outside a restaurant somewhere near there that states men can not wear sleeveless shirts in the main dining room. oh dear!


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