What’s popular isn’t always good.

FortuneI’m not misquoting Howard Cosell.  I’m waxing philosophical.  KCRA is running their local A List popularity contest again.

And of course, my blog automatically got “nominated” because I put it on there last year and they just keep renewing the nomination status regardless of whether or not I actually continue to blog.

But, then I thought, “What is a blog?”  As I’ve stated before, I incorrectly assume that all bloggers are writers.

They’re not.

I’ve seen many a blog with fair to middling content on it (and that’s being generous) which brands and marketers deem to be popular.  Heck, many people will allegedly read them religiously.  Maybe it’s because they give away free shit or coupons.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy the odd product review blog, it’s that I don’t like poor writing.

It’s still difficult for me to reconcile a blogger not being a writer.  I mean isn’t 99% of what’s on a blog written content?  Shouldn’t it be well written?  How can you not enjoy writing and not want to hone your craft if you are a blogger?

But, who am I to judge?  Who’s to say my content is well written?  You would think that if it was good, my blog would be getting more visitors, shared on the interwebs with regularity, and have comment after comment.

Maybe the problem is that I don’t write for an audience.  It’s nice that people read my stuff, but I write to get the shit rolling around in my head out of it.

So, if you are one of the few people who does read my blog and want to cast your vote, please click the link on the right.  But be warned:

  1. You will have to register to vote.  It’s the American way.
  2. You only get to vote once per category. I understand if you like another blogger more than me.
  3. You won’t get an entry in a contest for free shit if you vote for me. I don’t need to violate terms of service anymore.

I will thank you for your vote.  It’s only polite.

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