Career women and career men

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desk at an office with a phone and note padIs part of that title weird to you?  Well, the whole title should be weird to you.  Why do I say that?  Because I read an interesting article on about how it’s OK for women to not want to be a CEO.

I agree.  There’s nothing wrong with anyone (female or male) who doesn’t want to be CEO. What’s that saying?  The world needs ditch diggers too.

What I find interesting is that there is still this double standard when it comes to men and women in the workplace trying to balance family into their lives. Look at this quote from the article:

“There are few women who have demonstrated filling top leadership roles with a family. And those who have, either have all the help they can afford or are just plain superwomen.”

A man isn’t looked down on as much as a woman who sacrifices her time with her family to be successful in business.  Doesn’t a man who is in a leadership role also have help raising his family?  You would never expect a male CEO to do what I’ve heard people refer to as “being on daddy duty.” He’s busy running a company!  He has nannies to watch his kids and you don’t make him feel like shit for doing that.  Honestly, I don’t know what daddy duty means, but from what I can glean, it’s basically parenting your child.

But, all of this begs the question…do people have to sacrifice their family obligations to be successful in business?

Can’t we find some semblance of balance? What about small businesses run by families? Do they have the time and support to fulfill their family obligations all the while putting food on the table?  Maybe it’s just a perception thing in corporate America.


2 thoughts on “Career women and career men

  1. Paul

    I just want a wonderful woman to stand beside me in life, so our genetic material can produce the first in a line of intellectually superior, benign overlords to guide humanity to a brighter tomorrow.


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