Singles: Not Doomed

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The other day I got a Google Alert about “dating in Sacramento.” The local Fox affiliate did a piece called Dating in Sacramento, Are Singles Doomed? Instantly, I was pissed off.

It wasn’t because the folks at Fox40 didn’t ask a Sacramento dating blogger for her opinion after documenting years in the local dating scene…it was because of this thought that popped into my head:

“Dammit, stop trying to feed into people’s fears to get them to watch your programming!”

Being single isn’t the same as being doomed. There’s nothing wrong with being single. Yes, it’s tough on Valentine’s Day, which is when they aired the piece, but other than that it’s not that bad.

Dating is hard, there’s no doubt about it, but it’s not because of being in Sacramento. It’s tough all over the whole world. Get on any social media platform and you will see singles across the globe lamenting the poor ratio of available and/or suitable dates.

The problem isn’t in the numbers. The problem is in the quality. People mostly suck. They are rude and scared and dating brings it all out of them.

We are all guilty of it. Most of us grow up at some point, but many don’t. Take it from a gal who has kissed her fair share of frogs. If I hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t appreciate the prince who finally found me…or I found him…either way, we found each other after years of heartbreak from others.

The one thing the video clip said that is true is that you have to look to find love. It goes back to my “take a chance” stance.  Thank goodness they didn’t barf up that old “you’ll find love when you’re not looking for it” cliche.  Anyone who says that to a single person needs to be whipped by a wet noodle.

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