Best Reality Show Ever?

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Dear Norway,

Please bring National Firewood Night to the United States.  Watching 8 hours of a fireplace full of burning wood would be better programming than anything on MTV in the last five years.  While I doubt that Americans would debate the proper way to stack wood, OK we probably would, we definitely need something soothing on television and for some reason no one has picked up my puppies & kitties playing channel.

I know that I cannot get enough of the Yule Log.  Sadly, it only lasts 4 hours and sometimes has annoying music along with it.  Note:  All holiday tunes are not created equal.

Yes, I know.  The wood jokes will be abundant. I’m sure anyone reading this post has already made two or three in their head.  I readily admit to hearing the voices of Beavis and/or Butthead in my mind, “You said wood…”

Plus who wouldn’t love the social media aspect of the show?  Tweeting and Facebooking the proper wood placement and stoking technique?  Yes, please laugh at that.  Pun totally intended.


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