It’s just stress

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Apparently, one of the things doctors do for women who start on birth control pills is to check their blood pressure after a few months of doses.  So the other day, I went back in for my follow up.

Of course, it had to be a day when I was stressed out at work.  I hate being late and it never fails, whenever I have an appointment (made weeks ago, of course) someone has a fire that needs to be put out 10 minutes before I have to leave.

Also, I HATE getting my blood pressure taken.  Give me a shot.  Give me a pelvic exam. I can deal with those better than that horrible cuff trying to sever my arm.  Needless to say, my readings were high.

I knew something was wrong.  Usually my readings are in the healthy range.  Oh wait, I’m sorry.  Now they are in the “pre-hypertension” range.  Something I beleive to be bullshit made up by the health insurance industry.  Of course, I have no proof,  but 10 years ago, my 120-125 systolic readings were in the healthy range.  Now they are a warning sign of impending doom.  Never mind that my resting heart rate is almost always between 50-65 and my diastolic is almost never over 80.

This used to be normal.

This used to be normal.

How do I know this?  My doctor told me to buy a blood pressure monitor and take random readings for the next few weeks to see where my levels really lie.

Now this is normal..barely.

Now this is normal..barely.

At home, everything was copacetic, so I decided to take it to work today and see if the stress was going to kill me.  No.  Today was a mellow day, so my readings were normal, well old normal.  Of course the silly little cuff on my wrist (I couldn’t bring myself to buy an arm one) made a HUGE amount of noise when it was inflating.

“What are you doing over there??”

I sat there in silence.  Talking raises your blood pressure.  I didn’t need a false reading.

Of course, when everyone saw what I was doing, they had to check themselves out and see what their reading was…uh.  People, you need to mellow out.

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